Change the love of Shanghai to bring more opportunities to the webmaster

and love Shanghai, brings more uncertainty to the webmaster, but also brings more opportunities. To seize the opportunity to follow the love of Shanghai with no change, which website can always get love completely unchanged in favour of Shanghai because the user experience of the content will change. The webmaster only from their own.

weekdays in Shanghai dragon and the webmaster, often see some friends complain that their website is also love Shanghai to K, then there will be a lot of friends group issued resonance, then all of Shanghai’s abuse of love. This kind of thing I have is It is quite common for especially this year, the Shanghai K station K love very much, especially the one at the end of June, it might still make people tremble with fear, and we also scolded particularly much.

so, everything can start from their own. Robin Li to advocate wolf staff letter, love Shanghai recently also do change, but also to a good direction of change. For example, the "MP3" to "music", reflects the love of Shanghai in the new period of understanding the needs of users; on Post Bar and space revision, in order to stick to more users to websites such as ICP display; medical record information, to the user to reflect their own "sense of responsibility"; to excellent website sitelink display, makes it easier for the user to the site, because these sites are really good; 6.28 is in the recovery of large K site, because these sites really have a lot of is very good……

indeed, since the noble baby out of the mainland, a single large love Shanghai days too too comfortable on the domestic market, a monopoly on the market for Shanghai tasted the sweetness of love, the stock price is the way to stride forward singing militant songs. No competition, no progress, although love Shanghai himself in the continuous improvement of the algorithm, but the first few quarters of this year’s algorithm changes to almost everyone by surprise, no reason it is because each algorithm is updated, the user does not feel better with love in Shanghai. On the contrary, to search out the garbage is increasing. The webmaster is needless to say, every day can’t sleep well, worried that the K stand things on their own.

360 search to love Shanghai a head-on blow, only a few days time to take a considerable number of market in recent years, which makes smooth love Shanghai aware of the crisis, but it took advantage of the 360 entrance Internet has its own browser, no way, what has been the market, only helplessly look from their mouths of 360.

can be said that every year Shanghai love have changed, but that most owners do not like the recent resentment and even more welcome change is very rare. But we are not too excited, love Shanghai in time for a change, we have to follow the change, and not what all don’t do, waiting for the love of Shanghai will be more friendly to your own website. Shanghai love change, we change, think more about how to make your own website user experience more perfect, more reference to the same industry and even the excellent site cross industry.

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