The interpretation of love the sea quality white paper Subtext

search engine database is not filled, the scanty large sites, but countless small website. Small website for love in Shanghai, like small sellers significance for Taobao. So if Shanghai does not love to serve the long tail site can search what may really become less and less.

It is said here


of course, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has been very hard, recently launched the "love Shanghai" search engine quality white paper "PDF version, a total of 18 pages. It is to tell you what is "good", what is "bad", but also in the middle of good or bad level, and can refer to the case.


1, increase the browsing experience and examination of

traffic share dropped a lot, 360 increased a lot, the data source is very clear, but the authenticity of the data who is not clear. If you love Shanghai traffic share really dropped out, is not because of good stuff to search out


user browsing experience, no user experience. That is to say, it only emphasizes the visual aspects of things. This is a branch of the user experience, but the love of Shanghai did not say some subtle jargon words, two sensitive factors that directly affect the browsing experience: Publishing and advertising.

some people say that you do not care about the material composition of these details, but most users care, search engine care, it is best to pay attention to it, to "plastic surgery. Sometimes a person what are not wrong, is wrong in ugly. "Also, visual marketing can be regarded as a new weapon under the impetuous atmosphere, because in the era of big data, too much data, the user’s eye has been torn exhausted.

A new interpretation of old white I don’t know who love Shanghai before


I understand that line and paragraph spacing to loose a little more segments, the size of the title list and interspersed among them, make content rich layering.

2, on the accessibility of

for publishing, Shanghai love said to reasonable layout and format appearance, easy to browse and reading.

for advertising, advertising can not be mixed in Shanghai said the love of content, and advertisement content matching must be as high as possible. It is also a "influence" quality factor map "express the influence of advertisement on the user experience is too rampant:

if you’re in Shanghai dragon years, after reading this paper, you will have a "did not mean" feeling. These things are very reasonable, so you can be understood as a commonplace talk of an old scholar. The white or the white, but you can not interpret its angle. If you look carefully, you will find something new. Such as the following:

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