The search engine is the same the user experience will never change

third, the website is based on users, innovative web content

, the first web site to the user as the center, the construction of user demand function

part of the forum users now increasingly less, the fundamental reason is that the interactive communication platform, we can see a few years ago in Sichuan, a popular forum hot forum now? Users a day less than a day, compared with the previous hot scene is community communication resulting in too little users leave and with the rise of the local website, there is a part of social networking sites large gradually tends to decline, the downward trend appears the most fundamental reason is the lack of interactive communication platform, what is missing now is a user, they sometimes have to pay attention to, as a webmaster or forum moderators, sometimes with the following the forum member communication is a good thing, through communication can not only understand to abuse forum operation, also can cause the user to The dependence of the forum.

second, website user centric, build interactive communication platform

Why is The main reason for the

webmaster complaining about the search engine algorithm, search engine algorithm is the ultimate goal of change is to improve the user experience, if still complaining about the website ranking or reduce the site is down right webmaster friends, it can only say is your website user experience is not good enough, but the change is not the effect of search engine to your site, why do we enter the word Shanghai Longfeng webmaster tools still ranked second, it is because the user experience of the website, webmaster friends need it, so in the face of this situation, if the site wants to obtain long-term stable and healthy development, so we must do a good job in user experience, the webmaster must understand truth: no matter what the search engine, the user experience will not change.

now many websites cannot keep users and not the website design, website function but not doing well, such as a need to buy women friends into your dress shopping network, and the friends want to search through the function they need to find styles and price, but your site without this software, if you are a user you will leave? Our website in the face of this situation must be centered on the user experience, user needs most urgently, for example you do women, then must have the user can through the search box to search the function of the demand, but also need to have online customer service for the user to answer a variety of women’s styles, if possible, we also need to open the online payment function, these three functions are any of a women’s clothing store Should have, which is a basic function, no matter what the site has the basic function of their own, if you can not meet the user, then the user will be away from you.

based on the user is the one thing any website must do, can be said that the user is the site of the king, no user site is useless in the face of this situation, as the tube site >

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