Xiao Han am in the eyes of Shanghai dragon three realms

The three level

Shanghai Longfeng is three different levels: the first level keyword ranking. The second level of user experience. The third level of brand building. Now these three levels to talk about personal views.


keyword ranking is a realm of Shanghai dragon three level lowest (general performance of Shanghai dragon, novice) is simply a web site with Shanghai dragon means so that the search engine top, if not with the user experience and website marketing combination in a word, then your keywords ranking can only bring traffic, but not the formation of the conversion rate, so even if you rely on keyword ranking, but also bring traffic, traffic can not be realized in all clouds. So the judgment standard of the three level of Shanghai dragon is the value oriented.


third level for brand building, we know the value of the brand is very large, a pair of ordinary shoes only play on Nike brand logo and its value will be able to turn a few times. The brand value is in the importance of how strong. Take Shanghai dragon WHY, it is a brand of a Shanghai dragon world. I want to borrow the deer inside a classic lines: people do not know the helmsman is that the hero is in vain. That is to say you don’t know Shanghai dragon WHY, not because of its fame is not big enough, can only prove your ignorance. How to use the Shanghai dragon to create a brand in the industry will be in the next article will share.

the second level user experience

The The first level brand building

keywords ranking

user experience for the second state, it has successfully passed the first level, that is to say the keyword ranking techniques are basically mastered, give it a simple keyword may be able to two or three months in a row up, after the site keywords ranking up to focus on is the user experience, site search engine a user love will love, a website that users to abandon the search engines will be abandoned. People judge the future influence of the chain will be more and more small, the user is more and more influence keywords ranking, which is why love Shanghai to launch a big reason why love Shanghai statistics is to collect the data better, before you have installed love Shanghai statistics when love, Shanghai can only judge from it their search engine past traffic, and you put love Shanghai statistics it can monitor all traffic to your site. Study on the user experience it is necessary to analyze the data from your website, the user comes from where, through a few pages, how long is the residence time of the user, website bounce rate is and how much is left from which page and so on, the next step will be to share with you how to build a good website user experience.

third level

originally wanted to call the Shanghai dragon, the last heavy like a little beyond the boundaries of the Shanghai dragon, so there is no column. Here >

The four level

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