The medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng winter if you have to find a way out

from the June unrest over Er are keenly aware of the Shanghai medical dragon love Shanghai disaster, as of October, although some were included in K site has been restored, but still do not have any weight, and this not included completely not much difference. If it takes so long, you are still waiting on the sidelines, love Shanghai can recover the inclusion and ranking of your site, then you have lost a lot of precious time, but I believe that most Shanghai Longfeng personnel have carried out analysis of self analysis and the external environment in the face of love Shanghai and hit update.

about love Shanghai months of volatility, I also to his work again, I also want to face this performance at this time if I can do this job, and then blindly complain and blame. There is no way to find a solution. No matter the love of Shanghai medical industry hit the costs, at least let us recognize the single flow entrance there is a great risk, here we have a variety of ideas is to expand the flow entrance, in addition to the normal blog, quiz, classified information, bidding, part of the project in the local network group purchase in the medical industry, such as plastic surgery hospital, and open up the regional group purchase website cooperation, so that the user is relatively clear, avoid the information show in other areas caused by waste, but there is a lack of access point is through the network group purchase target users may be slightly different, with the price advantage.

In addition to the Shanghai

love with WWW domain completely right down, leading to the news source portal itself has the advantages of more prominent, plus news source, the second rank, this is another way, but when the news source must be planned, because you thought of doing the news source ranking, then your competitors to think, so be sure to plan the keywords in time. I usually do when the source of the news, all the key words will do mass classification, competition, competitive ranking many keywords do not do it, this kind of word is a waste of resources, more is used in these long tail keywords, long tail keywords will be divided into A and B, to a class of target keywords, B as auxiliary words, to one news source between the two kinds of forms, one way, one is internal single news source platform to assist each other, B keywords of the article, on the platform of the sprocket form (the anchor text in the article or manually add article), the weights of all points to high quality articles on the platform target keywords writing, a sprocket is formed. Another form is similar, but in different platforms to B keywords to form the sprocket link, weight, and finally put the link to a keyword, it can also enhance the news source in the short term ranking.

in addition, mention of Shanghai love with WWW domain name against the topic, many websites have a root domain name ranking, WWW website is generally right down, there are a lot of speculation is not outside.

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