The new station must have four large chain release platform

had seen a similar look for the chain resources of the article, which highlighted the webmaster query tool can also do the chain. Of course this is many webmaster ignore the new chain of place. Why webmaster query tool can do the chain? The webmaster to check their website every time after will leave the historical record, but this record is equivalent to the forum link, equally effective. The query tool has a cache, if this type of query included in the site soon, then leave the cache is also an effective outside the chain, of course, these for the old station without any significance, after all, once the cache cleanup will be invalid, but the new station is quite meaningful, can speed up the spider ascreep site. The query tool has some historical archive, like the webmasterhome query site has historical archive, and this chain is long-term and stable. So, the new station don’t say he has no place to send the chain, which not only can be used to query the query tools webmaster website included snapshot, can also be a new platform of the chain, but also to the railway station.


, a Links platform

for the new station, after all, is just on the line, an unweighted two included three ranking, to replace the high quality Links dream, unless there is a pretty awesome good. As for the individual stations, network resources are limited, and many owners are not willing to do so Links to you, after all, are not even included, so I think the new station on the line, don’t find high quality Links, unless it is to spend money to buy connection, but this is not practical, after all, once stopped link failure. So, with such a trouble as his first promotion website weight rankings included first, then for the new station, which is the method used today? Shunde talent network share several new preferred chain release platform.

two, the webmaster query tool

Links platform not only increase the chain of the old station, the same is more suitable for the new station, after all Links not specified on your site of old and new, as long as the website submitted, so we can set up the chain must be appropriate. Of course, here is a little skill, general new choice Links platform, look at the snapshot Links platform and the daily amount included, because the chain is effective by the search engine included that counts, and if their release link was not included, said natural spider crawling Links platform may be forgotten your link exists, the chain is not included in the chain is not effective, for the new station is fast included no effect. So, Links platform is the chain station required release platform, as long as the attention of new daily included the amount on the line, the other can be ignored, because of their own web site is new sites, factors Nadechushou are not, so do not mind the other requirements so much.

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