Love Shanghai top search results copyright novel response grand literary appeal


it is understood that this is the starting point Chinese into first love Shanghai data open platform nearly one hundred genuine fiction. Next, there will be more and more websites through love novel copyright Shanghai data open platform, the most significant position in the search results.


Tencent It is reported that

, in addition to love overseas, 360, Sogou had also responded, 360 aspects of commitment, will be 360 in the grand literature search of genuine content in priority search results, reduce the search engine in the weight of the infringing website Sogou said at the beginning of this year to achieve genuine Sogou in the relevant search results ranked first, giving illustrations show, increase the "genuine" logo prominently on the genuine.

technology news (Le Tian) September 20th news, in the grand literature calls for search engines to combat Internet piracy literature, love Shanghai today accordingly. Recently, netizens in love "," world maritime search "Tomb notes" and other popular Internet novel, the first search result is derived from these novels have offered copyright genuine reading link.

love Shanghai said at the same time, the management and protection of copyright in the Internet era is an arduous and long-term task, also will face many new phenomena and problems. "The love of Shanghai will continue to intensify efforts to combat piracy, promoting the legalization of Internet, Internet copyright environment and industry partners to build a green and healthy."

love Shanghai top search results copyright Fiction (Tencent technology plan)

recently, Shanda literature writer 100 issued a joint statement calling for search engines to actively protect the legitimate interests of copyright holders, also love Shanghai to respond. With abundant sea called the content of the Internet, many people cannot do without the knowledge of copyright. For the community to protect property rights and the fight against piracy network publishing behavior, Shanghai resolutely supports the love.

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