Some analysis of the Taobao guest Wangzhuan modeAnswer nine issues of initial entry into the nterne

8. beta phase how many users appropriate

answer: able to feed the current team, and then expand.

1., I now have a idea, before the line, how to ensure that the case is not leaked, but also understand how attractive this idea to the user?

learning superior experience; their own implementation; encounter resistance; their own brain to think about; to practice; perseverance stamina; successful Taobao customers.

Taobao guest, by the end of 2007 in China between the webmaster widely spread name. Basically every webmaster, especially do Wangzhuan friends not strange. There are many ways to promote Taobao customers. I’ll take a brief overview of them, and then talk about the principles:

above is the main mode of promotion for Taobao customers. In fact, the promotion method, which kind of white. But really tight to the end, no discount to implement, there are few people. This is also some people complain that I am a few days a few days and earn hundreds of people a day gap. Taobao customers do not really difficult, the most important thing is your degree of diligence. In practice, to learn, to practice in the study, this is the secret of Taobao customers to make money.

What are the useful web site data analysis tools for ? !

answer: don’t be afraid of plagiarism, cannot avoid, piracy can let the market become larger, more people know your stuff, you big cake, although the percentage is less, but also do better than their hangchikengchi. Think about why Tesla patented? He wanted to make Tesla standards for industry standards.

if your product is not an entity product, you can try viral marketing.


answer: the number of friends around, as much as possible. My friend around the umbrella doesn’t approve much, but in >

6. website group. If you have multiple websites, Congratulations, you can make a link at each of your stations. The site group is said to be a new trend in website promotion. So far, no effect has been seen, but theoretically feasible.

do your products and services well, attract those quality customers, word of mouth, your share will not be less.

answer: probably have a direction on the line, the more you think, the more you feel forced, is not conducive to start. Constantly adjust.

besides, big companies dare not plagiarize openly. They’re in the spotlight.

answer: all chips are a good way to test market feedback with minimal input.


don’t be afraid to reveal, your idea doesn’t have many people to care about. What’s missing in the world is the executive, and wants to idea much more.


answer: business matters, if you must cooperate, then talk about clearly.

3. uses its website to promote. Qualified webmaster can take advantage of this advantage. Choose Taobao’s high turnover, high commission shops, such as: " women’s clothing store Top10". Then choose a good product, the choice of the same way as the election of shops. Plus some tips, then Taobao Sina website and so on, which can attract the visitor’s eye, is also very friendly to search crawler.

I’m Taobao

answer: the less the better, can outsource, do not hire yourself. The smaller the office, the better.


4. has a comprehensive SEO for your website. Title, web keywords, keyword density, external links and internal links. This process may take a period of time, but believe me, this is absolutely useful, is not only relative to Taobao customers, other website optimization is also tested.

2. forum post. This has little effect, especially on unrelated web sites. Not recommended.

answer: I don’t know,

3., I can take on the roles of product manager and project manager. How many people do I need for the initial team?

2. is on line, how does my idea deal with other people’s plagiarism?


6. is at the technical level, and will launch the web version at the very beginning, so what stage is the most appropriate version of the mobile version,

4. initial start-up team may be my good buddy, how to grasp the relationship between work and friendship, in case the future really make money, simple average is certainly not good,

1. uses blog promotion. Now well-known sites have set up a blog column, such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu, and Ai Ruiwang, sh419, stationmaster net, space and so on, and their authority is very heavy, the search engine spiders are very high on their list of frequency. Here especially to mention sh419 space, the recent popular search keywords, see row in the pages ranking, my God, sh419 column accounted for a large proportion of sh419 space, sh419 know, sh419 Post Bar etc.. Friends who want to make a difference on sh419, don’t miss it,

, a mature businessman, is money piled up.

makes mistakes is normal, we have to pay tuition. I have paid millions of tuition fees.

in addition, looking for cooperation, we must first look at the character of this person, is a cooperative for a while, or can long-term cooperation.

5. links and links. There are several rules for exchanging links: don’t have too many websites related to your website, exchange links, and don’t be penalized. The more links you have, the better. It depends on your own skills.

5. been considering business models from the start?

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