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that’s why I say Shanghai dragon Er are facing occupation crisis, we may see some information that he originally optimized good website now search engines do not love, and also ranked in decline. On the contrary some not well optimized website before there is a good ranking. These are the search engine update algorithm and focus on user experience.

site is not only in the title, description, keywords and code efforts, more is to improve the website user experience efforts, do like to do business, business is completely determined by the customer. The site is the same, if one day does not need to search engine optimization, then we have to Er the Shanghai dragon facing the transformation of the preparation, we have to be ready for transition, to avoid being fixed in the search engine, search engine is in progress, our purpose is to get rid of the Shanghai Dragon Er, we have to to the direction of the transformation, can not let the search engine to lead us.

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now is the era of the Internet, since the search engine was born in Chinese, there are many people who began their Shanghai dragon search engine optimization career, Shanghai dragon is a very light industry at the time, not much attention in recent years, with some large Shanghai Longfeng experts, people have aware of the importance of Shanghai dragon on the site, began to pay attention to website development optimization, ranking only in this way can we have a better. But now Shanghai Longfeng development has encountered a turning period, with the continuous upgrading of the search engine technology. The algorithm is more humane, more attention to user experience. This is the inevitable trend of the development of search engine. So the future is not required in Shanghai dragon Er, these are now our Shanghai dragon Er have to face the problems.

network marketing is our Shanghai dragon Er transformation on the road, when the network marketing is not adapt to the network, then we should adapt to the environment. Change in survival of

a good website is not how much you do website optimization, how beautiful, gorgeous. In fact, more is to be able to give users what they want. The website is ranked, sometimes also do user experience, user experience is reflected in every corner of your website. The page thickness, I refer to the page is the thickness of the user enters your website to give users complete freedom, users see a picture to click, then he can click on the picture, and the picture will be enlarged.

each place can be very good to guide the user to click on the site, to avoid the dead! And then return to the home page, the user is very friendly, the user to your website to see the content of your website, there is more experience a fun Internet search engine is also simulated! The thinking of "index, if people feel uncomfortable, then the search engine spiders to your site is not friendly.

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