Liu Yugang good website and independent Shanghai Dragon

if your website content with the user to search content actually has nothing to do, even if the ranking is high, users will not nostalgia in the left on several times after saul. Of course, fishing website exception, but even phishing sites, is not only the key word.

, search engine optimization, the Internet is always interesting topic. Many people think that Shanghai dragon is the essence of the Internet, on the Internet, the Shanghai dragon has everything, what also have no Shanghai dragon. Here we have to say, is an opposite view: good website is not Shanghai dragon, even if not to take any measures you can Shanghai Longfeng, good site to create a real sense.

Shanghai dragon

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng experts "Shanghai dragon strategy" and outstanding web designers on how to design a good website "answer: use the appropriate title agree without prior without previous consultation, the link is simple and rich sense of structure, site navigation is clear, the content related to the theme and content easy to read, very readable discussion of.

Shanghai dragon company has only one goal — to enter the mainstream web search engine keyword search results front position. They will not consider the issue of the content of the website, just let the content stack enough keywords. As long as the search engine can be included in web pages, they even available on the site do not have concerns. As for the website jump out rate, residence time more visitors in their consideration.

Shanghai dragon company uses Shanghai dragon skills is usually divided into two categories: "white hat and black hat". Black hat Shanghai dragon is a Shanghai dragon terminology used to express everything with cheating nature of the Shanghai dragon skills, such as the use of multiple sites to deceive system, use the search engine algorithm vulnerabilities profit etc.. Black hat Shanghai Longfeng nature bad, but to be honest, Shanghai white dragon or where not to go.

of course, here to the statement: not all Shanghai Longfeng company are the same. There are some confirmed Shanghai Longfeng company for them in the right way to genuinely help you, and some did have sufficient knowledge of Shanghai dragon and can use a part of them, of course, the latter number less than the former.

What should you do

what good website needs

if you want to be a good website, so please don’t worry about search engine problems, the first thing you need to care about is your site itself.

search engine is intended to arrange site in accordance with the best and most relevant search results order. Note: is the best and most relevant sites, rather than "optimization".

white hat Shanghai dragon users tend to follow the rules of the game, they do not violate all noble baby service agreement, adhere to all the legal thought of Shanghai dragon skills. But in the end they tend to forget their starting point.

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