Shanghai dragon in the website editor in the use of


two, standard

3, Alt tag is mainly used in image optimization on the label, if you want to get traffic in search of a picture, this is a must.

article?Here we need to dig

2, H Tags: commonly used mainly is

many interesting content to fill, here I introduce several methods:

content distribution

, a Html tag

needless to say, TDK three is the standard of "label.

about this type of knowledge knowledge in website editor by Shanghai dragon in the Shanghai, I love a little, so I decided on this knowledge point and make an arrangement in my blog in Shanghai dragon, I hope everyone can give valuable advice.

for the website editing required relates to the label: Title, Description, Keywords, H tag, Alt tag, here is a brief introduction about the behind will have a more specific method of use.

there is a common problem of writing, that is the content of the article is too small, can not do a

content has a correlation of

Shanghai Longfeng, we all know that the original content of the web site in the search engine’s performance is very helpful, therefore, a large number of pseudo original tools, original article manufacturing tools are sold successively on the network. This kind of software have a common point, that is the poor readability, is completely used to fudge the search engine, but with intelligent analysis to search engine, this method will only bring harm to the site, without any help.

The With the popularity of >


Keywords, the website keyword

contentThe value of the

1, manuscript writing principles

Description, the description of

content to help readers, readers read your post, if to help him, he will help you spread around, let other people to read, this is a search engine to see the phenomenon. If you just write something to write, random things, even if the original content, search engine is also very difficult to give you good evaluation.

site is written in Shanghai dragon, which most of the content is entertainment, sports, think, will help you to see the website of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge

Title is the title of the article

manuscript writing must abide by the following principles:

1, TDK




value of high


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