Talk about the site optimization path of the Shanghai dragon URL how to do

three forms a

static path, the general level is quite clear, for example, will have a relatively clear Pinyin directory, link level 贵族宝贝 that is clear, and it does not contain parameters, when spiders crawl will be relatively better.

on the website URL path, currently has the following 3 forms:


贵族宝贝 cate=1 Shanghai dragon is a dynamic path?.


search engine as a program to crawl on the Internet and identify the web site only standard is: website URL path, we want to site the weight of it, on the way to let us each a little weight together, the website of URL path optimization is the site path through the centralization of power, a main focus on weight on the path of the weight and then get better search engine.

route optimization is the optimization of Shanghai dragon important basis of optimization, we do in Shanghai Longfeng know users may effective information costs to a minimum, to search engine spiders, we also want to let the spider access our website article to reduce the cost, can also focus on site weight, let us the search rankings better

website, URL path

!The site URL

3, pseudo static path

search engine, dynamic routing and static path capture is actually no difference, unless the number of parameters in the dynamic path of more than three, there will be lost in the parameters of spider crawled, caused by the failure of the web pages, in most cases, the dynamic and static path path is the same for search engine.

In fact, for the

we know only path search engines crawl, so the search engines, more or less in the path of a letter.

dynamic path In addition static path

dynamic path, our common expression is often contain "path address?", or "=" with mark and equal, this path actually contains a parameter of content delivery means.

For example:

, a website only allowed to set a path, or is a dynamic path, either static path, not allowed to appear at the same time connecting the two path, if there are second connection must be blocked, can be screened out by robots files.

pseudo static path, pseudo static is a form of technology to the dynamic path into static path, pseudo static path is essentially static path, for example: 贵族宝贝

two, how to set the weight of

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