Site analysis of competitors you really consider the following questions

optimization ranking process, see competitors than their own website weight high, this time when you are sad, watched others in the front row of their own, but there is no way to meet this kind of situation, we should consider how to analysis and analysis of competitors? We really want to through the analysis of the details well, we continued to enter short gossip today.

especially for a large number of dynamic address parameters very close to easy to cause the spiders to crawl the repeated problems, not only caused the enormous waste of resources has also led to a search engine for cheating website, so static link address is to be done.

fourth, the master to be real for the user to provide some valuable content. The content of the website is optimized, but I found many webmaster write content just to cope with the job, in fact I think the current user experience optimization is one of the most important key point lies in whether the website content and user needs with the layout of the article details and also to make users feel more comfortable to read, many webmaster this article is just vapid words did not cause a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the user’s attention and interest, then users leave the site is inevitable.

third, click on the link range must control. Especially between the home page to page in the click distance is best not more than three layers, many owners of their URL address is very deep, deep life, structure of users too complicated half can not find what you want, this is frustrating for users, from the perspective of the user experience is bound to greatly reduce the site the user experience, the user does not love the love of Shanghai is not long for the content of your site with search engine rankings, only care about the user and not care about our website.

first, whether the other site structure is reasonable and clear. Our first step is to analyze the link structure of the opponents, mainly refers to the relationship between the web page links layout, see the home page and column page content page page weight hierarchy directly is reasonable and clear. I found that many enterprises owners in the website had almost no website on structural adjustment, the main reason is that the owners are familiar with the website structure optimization is to link structure optimization is the webmaster has been relatively difficult thing. As we have to go beyond the opponent to make up for this deficiency, so the owners continue to optimize the structure of the site itself is the first step ahead of the competition.

second, as the website optimization is also an important detail is the link address. URL static performance is one of the webmaster essential technology, now many enterprise owners use the open source nature of the CMS, this is a lot of CMS has increased the function itself in the details of the deal, but a lot of enterprise independent establishment of the company, or by ASP or PHP’s own dynamic link, so there is a certain level of defect in the optimization process, so the author suggests that if your business station is a dynamic address finally let technology will be treated as static url.

Many webmasters do

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