Why is your website ranking but no traffic

3) the content of the website of poor quality, the relative appearance of the web page content, the poor quality of the lethality is very large, directly determine whether your site belongs to "dump", when users visit your site, and could not find what he wanted, if things go on like this, jump out rate is high, the site also ranked will be affected.


1) were set too popular, or rare although competition will be small, start ranking is very simple, but the search volume is too low, even if the row to the first page of the first, the IP is able to bring the scanty.

, the most important point is the keyword. The key goal of the website is set too popular, competition is not big, it will be relatively easier for ranking, but these search volume keywords rarely, the ranking is also not what flow.

4) the use of social marketing platform is not enough, the Internet time is very fast, now popular WeChat, micro-blog, content sharing plug-in, you must combine to your heart, please believe me, even micro-blog, WeChat, such a platform can receive customer consultation.

site long tail word building is not in place, as everyone knows, usually can bring the flow of words is a long term, after all the main keywords set relatively limited space, we can focus on their own.


for small personal experience, summarizes the following six reasons:

do small business website, a hand on the insulation materials industry website domain name registration, is one year and eight months, because it is a small factory, so by OEM, itself is not the ability to large-scale production, so small in the processing of several keywords locking the main products, such as insulation board processing, epoxy board processing, FR-4 processing, through the efforts of a few months, finally the keywords to the home page, as the insulating plate is always on the front page of 1-3 processing and wandering, but I found the keywords to the home page, IP is not much, for it is a small Speechless, and very disappointed so, my site traffic also is small, we do business website, although not the pursuit of the number of IP, but the purpose is "conversion", the site itself is not much popular, how to About the conversion? So small for keywords and website details made a micro adjustment, probably after 3 months, the average 100ip/ website traffic, customer is about 2-5 months, has brought some value, believe that there must be a lot of friends once more or less, have encountered and small series of similar experience, why so small series of experience talk about the web site keywords ranking, but no

2) web page appearance of the poor, real life has become a look at the face of the times, not to mention the website web page? If there is no design, it is very rough, will make a lot of people do not browse the desire, this is the user experience a relatively poor, I believe everyone is beautiful, so please ignore this a little.


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