The page optimization is based on the premise of the user experience


fourth, and to combine the viewpoint of deployment. Web page optimization can not fail to mention the deployment of keywords, inside page is carrying the most important site optimization module of long tail words, mainly reflected in the title of the article should be written for the intention of the long tail word, the article, we want to optimize the words were deployed to support key words we want to explain through their own this is not only the rational integration of relevant keywords, more important is to good for to express views on. Let the reader know what you mean, but not only is deployed to attract the spider crawling, such a tough way is actually in the optimization of excessive.

third, to illustrate the reasonable site. We are in the process of reading sometimes deep affection to himself as the characters in the scene or, hope the idea of writing themselves into the author, the appropriate picture appeared in the article, we can help a good clear picture in my mind, deepen the understanding of the author’s writing intention and motivation, more easily the author was moved by sight, with foreshadowing attracted by the picture we can clearly understand the author want to highlight the theme of what! That is why we are with the reasonable reason of website, consider the user requirements of the transposition actually so simple.

when we talk about as everyone knows, the website user experience optimization, many webmaster through the website structure, website access speed, web art design and other aspects about the key points around the user experience, but we should pay attention to the moment, I believe that good article page optimization is our web site for the first premise of users and search engines today is recognized, and you talk about how to do the optimization of website article page.

second, the layout must be simple and decent. The author thinks that the layout is affecting the user browsing experience is the core of the weight, taking into account the main problem of the user’s reading habits, try not to appear in the section of the article, can increase the headings for different paragraphs, or for the reasonable segmentation in this article layout first xianbatouchou can obtain the customer approval secondly, to focus on the title or opinion can use HTML tags to display, highlight the theme to express thoughts.

first, the original problem of content. The user experience on page optimization is to provide the scarcity value of the content, the content is to keep the visitors and the most basic link to the spider, creature behavior example, stomach all eat what about wearing gorgeous clothes, think of romantic travel, it is very unrealistic, the first point to optimize the content is the quality problem, quality is the core, the quality requirements of the first point is the content of the original, the original content can be written by experience, can translate some foreign industry articles, organized into their own language, of course, you can also tap the demand of users, and users often search the long tail word of the article the creation of these are one of the source of the original article.

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