The search engine how to judge whether the original article

is also a standard to judge whether the original article, which view the web page creation time. For example, your article is the page is created last year, I was founded only in this year, and the content of the article is a reprint of my nine out of ten as like as two peas, then you. If you still can’t understand, think about our common Word, Excel it is not often seen last modified them? We also often modify the time arrangement. I believe this record for technical modification time of the love of Shanghai and Google is definitely not a problem, this technical problem should be just a programmer can solve? Do not know now love Shanghai and Google have used this technique. Of course, this technology is also flawed, if my article is original so I may often change, so my article last modified time than it is likely to be reproduced in my article to be late, all the modification time of the search engine could record the same article to solve, this technology is also very easy to achieve. But it has encountered two problems: first, it means how much work? Love Shanghai, Google index is not a computer that is not a web of things, but hundreds of billions of pages, each page record modification time do not know the reaction in the workload and the search engine server >

included time: your article is ten years ago was collected, one of my article was included as like as two peas ten years later, of course, your article is original. But if included time shorter it is difficult to judge, because of the high weight blog included faster, my article five days ago published results has not been included, the results you reprint my article a few minutes included, if the search engine think your article is original and I is plagiarism and then I would not feel wronged?

link on the site: this should be the most original judgment standard point. If there is a sentence at the end of your article: the article is reproduced in certain Shanghai dragon blog or website has some keywords chain to the key link, then the judge your article will be relatively accurate should be reproduced in the blog. Because if you link to the article page judgment is allowed, if the chain to the domain name if it was hard to judge. You can not the chain to his blog, he reprint your article is search engine that is the original

?The weight of

site: the Shanghai Longfeng people should understand a little. The search engine that a high weight, high PR of the original blog article likely.

The The Whether the original

, the search engine should also not technically make absolutely correct judgment, even approximately correct is not hard, countless stationmaster original articles often ranked in many junk blog reproduced even after the acquisition. So far, I think that the search engine standard to judge whether the original article has been used are the following: the weight of the article included time, website links, website.

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