The user experience has become the primary standard web search engine evaluation

Admin5 station network May 2nd news, today released "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders" for sending spam information website at home and there are a lot of explicit criteria and coping strategies. Shanghai official said that due to the existence of loopholes in love most of the Web2.0 station system, capture technology with low cost, low price and mass software, easy to use a lot of Web2.0 cheating, spam sites are troubled group. In addition to the forum, blog and other Web2.0 sites by traditional problems, has spread to micro-blog, SNS, B2B, business pages, yellow pages, classified information, video station, SkyDrive and other more in the field, even the new sharing community are also affected. From the previous forum posts, blogs, extended to the supply and demand information page, video page, user information page, the user generated content and fill in any place, will be the cheater use properties of Web2.0 formed of spam.

love Shanghai also said search engine found in the Web2.0 nature of the garbage after the page will certainly make the appropriate response, but the real operation of mass cheating is difficult to effectively combat, cheaters can easily use the Web2.0 site very low cost and the characteristics of their own safety, do more harm, harm, harm the user website search engine behavior. If laissez faire spam wanton growth, will not only affect the user experience of the website, the website will also destroy the reputation and their own brand building, resulting in loss of normal users. Seriously, will make the search engine to reduce the evaluation on the website.

At the same time,

also love Shanghai on how to deal with the webmaster also made recommendations in the face of trash content: 1, delete spam content; 2, improve the threshold limit of registered users, registered 3, strict control of the machine; post machine behavior, such as the use of the verification code, limiting the short period of continuous post; 4, to establish a blacklist mechanism; 5, abnormal monitoring station; 6, to monitor the behavior of users within the site; 7, not allowed to publish with executable code, avoid jump pop, seriously affect the user experience to happen. 8, on the part of the Web2.0 location mentioned in the link, use the "nofollow" mark; 9, the forum advertising, irrigation section, suggestions and restricted access, or prohibit search engines; 10, pay attention to the security update site of the program, to install patches in a timely manner. < >

in the "Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders" clearly what will be judged as spam love Shanghai. 1, inconsistent with the website or forum theme; 2, to deceive the search engine users; 3, accounting fraud site swindle type advertising revenue; 4, malicious use of Web2.0 website to do promotion, for their own benefit content. 5, there is bad information law and regulations, such as fraud, false winning contact telephone number, bad information.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders

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