The vernacular Shanghai dragon variety

is a typical example of

why Shanghai dragon is very important?

yes, the search engine is great, the situation may occur, but not the solution. This is the search engine optimization.

I first think of a website, I know it is very difficult to find. This site is where I live the community fine restaurant.

so, search engine optimization? Those who may be in a text box with a few words, click the enter button, look! There is a link to your site. The search engine is very magical

in the search terms, I joined the restaurant where the city’s name. All the relevant contents of the restaurant, but did not relate to the links of the restaurant, are links to news articles and comments, rather than the restaurant itself website. But in fact, they do not have a


"wait!" you will say. "I have to create a website, and the site has been included in all our advertising! Why no one can find


in the network marketing business, there will always be a professional term: Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is the abbreviation of search engine optimization. This is a through continuous optimization to process through the search engine index page. This makes your site attractive, relevant and visible content can be crawled by search engines, which is convenient for people to search the internet.


I don’t know their website address, so I search the web, the restaurant’s name into the text box, and click "search" button. List of many, but it seems not the restaurant I want.

of course, existing customers or those who are already familiar with your company’s customers should be able to easily find your site, but this is only a small part of the customer. You can make sure that every potential customer has seen your advertisement? So did not see advertising, magazine or newspaper people? They will hear you on the radio ads? They will watch your broadcast on TV ads? They will get you send thousands of pamphlets:


think, if no one can easily find the location of your business, or your phone number. In this case, the majority of enterprises can not be good to continue to operate. The same thing can happen in your website, if people can’t easily find it, then has a potential value for the customer may never know where you are.


fortunately, the article mentioned the web address. This is a very nice site, audio-visual feel good. But such a perfect web site in the search is so difficult. Why do I have so much trouble? I think it is the creator of the site does not seem to understand the Shanghai dragon.

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