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in the construction of the chain often ignore users, marketers increasingly narrow Shanghai dragon world, a taste of the chain, the high quality of the chain to ignore, timely in the chain platform, not high quality content, the user will not concern or continue to pay attention to the readers. Then, the high quality content is reflected in those aspects? High quality content must be reflected in the high correlation of the subject fully associated with their own website theme, and multi-level elaboration and explanation, to help readers more simple and more favorable access to information, to obtain the knowledge accumulation. It is a reminder: the process too much emphasis on quantization, while ignoring the quality, but the chain is not high quality, more prone to spam, but have a negative impact on their website.

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platform needs to research in the construction of the chain, especially the selection of high quality platform is the key. High quality platform can determine the outer value chain, the chain is able to obtain the user’s vote. What is the high quality the chain platform basis? The first rule of high quality platform is correlation, only associated with their own website theme can be high quality, followed by a wide audience, of course, is the number of the majority, the local users better. Secondly, also need to study the chain platform of authority, whether it has a certain authority, credibility is high, whether subsequent sustainable development more, these must be fully considered, taking into account the extension of the chain of the appreciation of space. The choice of platform is very important, must have rich experience in marketing the first step, this is very important, relates to whether the chain effectiveness and life cycle.

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The high quality of

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outside the chain of high quality requirements are natural sharing, with the help of high quality and high quality content platform for reasonable use, fully achieve the artificially reproduced effect, of course, there are a lot of points.

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love with Shanghai search engine algorithm adjustment, especially the green line and the chain algorithm refused to officially open bate tools, the more original Shanghai dragon Er began to question: the chain is dead? When it comes to the chain, and the relationship between Shanghai Longfeng staff should be very familiar with, because the search engine ranking is the most important for the station optimization and stood in the optimization algorithm, outside chain is the focus of the station optimization. But more and more people began to question the importance of marketing chain. I want to say here: NO, the importance of the chain has always existed, the chain construction is a station, combined with each other need quantity and quality, the quality can not be ignored by the search engine. However, in the practical application process, many of whom we entered a misunderstanding, did not really understand what is outside the chain of high quality. So, what is the sign of the high quality of the chain? Here we work together to explore.

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