The revision of the influence of the website is how much

website how much impact on the website of the Shanghai dragon, I think a lot of people have their own website revision in the website optimization, change may be small, like to change the title, change the keywords, change the description of the website, and some older even change the layout the. However, we all know that sometimes the revision of the site’s ranking effect is very large, especially some small sites do not long, the author of the station is hit in the revision of not long ago, because recently did a new station, the content is the quantity and quality of the original chain are good, probably do a month had ranking and weight, but there is no ranking after the rise, this is also the hair, the chain is doing, then you think about is not the title of writing is not good enough? Keywords set? Describe the writing unattractive? Site layout is not reasonable user experience? Is not high? In the tangle of about a week, I decided to redesign the site.

The new site in


Effect of


new website is still very large, after nearly 20 days, the site in the update, the chain still do, but can not see the traces of the recovery, so the new site must be planning their own website, especially some important things, such as: title, keywords, website description, layout, lest the subsequent change might be difficult, perhaps a careful, and I like the station will be punished. For the old station for more than 6 months, a small change affect is not so big, because the search engine has.


look at me after the revision of the data:

first change the site title, keywords, description also changed, also deleted two templates inside page, the website is changing for the better, but no three days before the ranking is gone, the weight down, what search keywords can not find their own website. With the tools of investigation, the article is still closed, the home also still, only without the weight, no ranking, it seems that the site is not in the past assessment period were substantial changes, search engine "serious warning".

before three months of age, the search engine are still on your website, if significant changes, is likely to be right down, there will be serious K station, so the webmaster in website must be careful. In fact, the site in the assessment period, not only can not be changed, but not all of a sudden the amplitude is too large, too large amplitude search engine to react, may think you are not friendly to it, you will be punished. If you really feel the local website has to be changed, you can try progressive cycle, a few days, small change, with a month’s time to slowly change to your own satisfaction, so it won’t be right down, the rankings are not lost. Look at my website before the revision data:


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