Foreign companies are reluctant to spend money to do the four reason Shanghai Dragon

ideal effect in a short period of time

4. can not promise effect of Shanghai dragon company

1. applies to all enterprises

Husayni (network promotion experts) industry for the regional nature of the teeth to correct the example: in 2010 as a powerful example by doing noble baby Shanghai Longfeng optimization, ranks the first page, in the correct teeth industry practitioners a year average revenue grew 50 thousand to $300 thousand.

those who do not realize the importance of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises believe that such as part of pet grooming, counseling and selling imported car industry are local nature, network Shanghai dragon does not help them to do.

many companies see other enterprises related to noble baby ranked higher than they, so will find I can do network optimization and promotion, but after 1, 2 months did not see improvement, so give up, and this idea is wrong. So they are not willing to spend money to do the Shanghai dragon. There are many factors

Husayni pointed out another important issue, some customers see after 6 weeks after their products ranking did not achieve the desired effect. It is because the expected effect is too exaggerated, Shanghai dragon is not a short time for the project. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a continuous long-term and a project to do, as their ideal ranking to see popular, generally takes 9 weeks to reach the effect.

many small business owners do not recognize the value of Shanghai dragon, the dragon is not essential to think of Shanghai enterprises. Americans in 2010 to perform 15 billion 500 million times the network search, of which 80% of the customers in the purchase and purchase money through the search engine to understand the.


3. Shanghai dragon investment rate of return problem

Shanghai dragon

2. Shanghai dragon optimization didn’t see

Shanghai dragon market although in the domestic development of ten years, but the current Shanghai Longfeng services in the country after the foundation is shallow, practitioners there is no standard market dragons and fishes jumbled together, forming a guide for Shanghai Longfeng service industry necessary specification. The Shanghai dragon service market price confusion, uneven quality of service and many other diseases. Focus on the promotion of foreign trade network. The core technology from abroad Shanghai dragon market focus, see how to treat the foreign enterprises in Shanghai dragon market, has a certain reference value for the foreign trade enterprises, the following is the translation of Husayni foreign well-known network marketing magazine article:

many companies started to take into account the cost of Shanghai dragon returns, this is the most basic point of implantation. To achieve this idea of enterprise cost and high return quickly is wrong. The enterprise should proceed from the website traffic and registered users increased




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