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today I talk to you about the analysis of Web site from the website traffic sources health, website traffic sources, is divided into three kinds, the search engine into the chain into and directly enter the URL into. From these three kinds of traffic sources can be analyzed the proportion of health website, website optimization success and shortcomings, and then targeted to the best website promotion, website to thrive.

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website, the occupancy rate increased, directly reflects your website brand building do is successful, imagine, love Shanghai has been popular, you love Shanghai, love is the direct input site in Shanghai, Shanghai in Google search or love. Of course, this ratio is the more the better, but do 30% has been very good, after all, very few people remember.

from the picture we can see the station surfphp Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝, source of search engine, love Shanghai 42.6%, Google from Google and Google international Taiwan a total of 4.2%, then the search engine traffic source station 46.8%; URL directly accounted for 36.2%; the chain source station 17%

2, direct input analysis


1, search engine source

I think the reason is that about 30% of the best, if directly enter the URL source that you rarely, user experience and brand building is relatively poor. Users do not want to remember your web site, the author here to explain the source of the name of the company direct search also belongs to directly enter the URL, because the source of user purpose is very clear, is to find your site, just don’t remember. But remember, your company name.

website source

search engine source accounted for about 50% of the most reasonable, if the search engine market share is too small, that website optimization Website optimization is not in place, there is a problem, or keyword selection problems, or keyword ranking problem, need to do site optimization, web site optimization is the focus of the next step.

today through this website about the health of the proportion.

The analysis of

then you will say the search engines share better, indicating the site optimization to do the very place, very successful. Indeed, if the search engine source share, that website optimization is very well done. However, we all know that the search engine has uncertainty, if you stand which day is search engine punishment, or drop right, what would happen. For you a fatal blow, this station is not healthy, is very fragile. On the other hand also shows you the user experience and the chain do well.

first source through the author’s website, to analyze website traffic sources and analysis of website traffic sources from health, advantages and disadvantages. This is a map of traffic sources in September 28, 2011.

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