f you are going to meet Shanghai Longfeng single hands are you ready

2, Shanghai dragon payment service cooperation.

1, there is not enough time to go and Shanghai dragon company to resell the world.

Shanghai to undertake the dragon and the business through the network, in the Shanghai dragon hands are mostly some little scale companies, they have business sources that have special karma to talk about a single expert, can be a lot to Shanghai dragon orders, a dedicated customer service staff to follow up, so they have enough people to communicate and if you are a person, or the personnel arrangement is Jincu company, you should consider whether you have enough time to deal with the Shanghai dragon network communication

network is now popular in Shanghai dragon service, 8 is based on the keywords ranking pay, so, keyword ranking effect assessment rules need to clearly explained, otherwise, the two sides of Shanghai dragon hands cooperation can not be a long time, if you are going to meet a company of Shanghai dragon business, are you ready for the ranking assessment details of the

whether the company or individual Shanghai Longfeng resale or Shanghai Longfeng resale business, will want to minimize risk and maximize profits, this is It’s only human., but according to South sub knowledge, general network company after receiving the single operation, the highest ranking Shanghai dragon Er can get a total amount of 30% Shanghai dragon, it is not including the basic salary, so, generally speaking, Shanghai dragon company to undertake the transfer fee to the lower reaches of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, should not be lower than the total cost of the 50% Shanghai dragon, otherwise, is not conducive to long-term cooperation between the two sides.


Shenzhen Shanghai dragon to share an experience, is also the lesson, is then sold Shanghai dragon business, Zi Nan had changed hands in Shanghai dragon, took Shanghai dragon hands, but ultimately did not have a good cooperation, Shanghai dragon service to periodic long, the cooperation is complicated and changeable. Instead of hands, so, if you are going to meet Shanghai Dragon (a single transfer is received in Shanghai Longfeng business, sold to others operation procedure. ), son called Shanghai dragon hands for South Shanghai Longfeng second-hand single, you have to consider the main problem is the following:

?According to the Shenzhen

examination of 4, Shanghai ranked the dragon.


3, risk and profit.

Shanghai dragon business cooperation mode of payment, usually there are many forms of Shenzhen, the southern Shanghai Longfeng sub Shanghai Longfeng business, usually the payment is to deposit a part of 2+8 two + good ranking (20%+80%) to separate form, if the customer special requirements, then add a third part the maintenance fee, ranking, 2+7+1 (i.e. taking Shanghai dragon total cooperation paragraph 10% for the maintenance costs, so the payment, ranking) Shenzhen Shanghai dragon will be specified, the contract to expire according to the word of payment, namely, keywords respectively payment. These should be transferred must clear details of Shanghai dragon project, otherwise, Shanghai Longfeng resale cooperation will be very unhappy!

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