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awoken, since I did not love can change the Shanghai algorithm right, do not have enough influence. Then I also tangled what, as long as I insist on your white hat Shanghai dragon road, Shanghai with love rules, then one day Shanghai will recognize my website, give me a reasonable status".

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measures: maintaining the status quo, adhere to the white hat Shanghai dragon

now love Shanghai changing algorithm, introduced a variety of policies, to let us Shanghai Longfeng workers more difficult, but in Dennis opinion, game rules of the game, the search engine search engine rules remain the same, even if the constantly changing algorithm, but it does not change the fundamental core.

fell in love with the sea one after another after the update algorithm, we heard a "slot" phenomenon is the most website ranking is not stable, right down phenomenon.

for this problem, absolutely as Dennis deeply felt, our website has been optimized for more than two months, in a month when the rankings have ranked sixth, but in second days and in the hundred outside. This phenomenon has happened many times, one of the best ranking is fourth, even when the search for "Changsha never reached" this word, more than Shanghai ranked first in the Encyclopedia of love. But just only for a day, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, have disappeared.

as a Shanghai Phoenix, is the basic theory, practice is the collection, summary is perfect. But these are just your basic condition as a Shanghai dragon, rather than become a necessary quality of a successful man. For those of us owners especially grassroots webmaster, calm is the most favorable factors in the face of difficulties. No matter how we love the Shanghai algorithm, as long as there is no cheating, no reason to fear.

when we contact the Shanghai dragon know search engine is to build a good environment of user experience, whether it is love or our own website are Shanghai consensus. We see the love sea nearly two years of policy: Scindapsus algorithm, algorithm, the original plan, the pomegranate Mars chain is not without judgment, in order to build a better network environment, improve the user experience and released, the face of love Shanghai update algorithm, the promulgation of the policy, Dennis think as Shanghai Dragon should still remain unchanged, follow the core of the search engine, step by step.

love Shanghai update algorithm, the biggest problem facing Shanghai dragon

website ranking for this phenomenon appears, I really very confused is also very depressed, but after today saw an expert to say, I was calm, he asked me: are you cheating. My answer is yes there are regular practices. He said that does not have, this is not your problem, this is the search engine problems, one day it will give you a reasonable ranking.

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