Ali cloud released search product OpenSearch

ranking in the search results, OpenSearch provides two ordering schemes can be customized: rough arrangement of stage, allows the user to configure the use of document attribute fields, counted characteristic function weights custom collation; fine line stage, users can write more complex expressions to custom sort rules used to support the operator, conditions the expression, location and function of mathematical functions, more numerical characteristics.

day, Ali cloud also announced another two products: the Message Queuing service and cloud archiving service OAS MQS. MQS can transmit information in different systems and modules, the number of requests per second can handle millions, eliminating the need for developers to build their own maintenance and trouble. OAS provides a data storage service with very low cost, suitable for digital media, enterprise archive, scientific experiment data, personal and other offline data backup.

according to reports, during the beta, OpenSearch free open to the users, the future price may only have similar foreign cloud service 1/10. For most developers, OpenSearch is a very low threshold and the cost of the search solution. Wei Feng network, baby tree and so many well-known sites, has been in the use of Ali cloud OpenSearch services.


introduction, OpenSearch is a search product template, developers do not hire professional and technical personnel search, you can use the template assembly into their own website or APP. OpenSearch Alibaba based on independent research and development of large-scale distributed search engine platform, the platform of Taobao, Tmall, carrying a Amoy, 1688, what search and search business. Ali cloud cloud service will take the way of sharing Alibaba mature search technology to the majority of developers.

OpenSearch Product Manager Guo Ruijie said, now every day a large number of new sites and the birth of APP, develop a content search function, even if the use of open source systems mature, familiar with the service to build from the system to function customization and maintenance engineers often need to spend several months or even longer. If the simple love Shanghai (191.17, 4.26, 2.28%), such as search service instead of noble baby, incomplete data, poor timeliness, developers can not control the search results. While the use of OpenSearch services based on cloud computing platform, developers can freely define the search structure and sorting rules, support a rich search syntax, so that developers can easily have with Taobao, Tmall, a similar search function.


Ali cloud

technology news July 21st afternoon, Ali cloud publishing search product OpenSearch, the Alibaba accumulated over the years of opening search technology. The use of OpenSearch, the majority of owners and developers do not have their own mobile development, can be in a day of sitesearchbased function, create a website search engine.

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