Grassroots Webmaster the development trend of search engine in China

search engine for the ranking algorithm with the number of the chain, included, snapshots, the relevant factors of user experience, yesterday wrote an article " when the Shanghai dragon does not need to do what to do when the chain is about " and if the search engine is no longer outside the chain for ranking factors, some what do we Adsense? With the search engine algorithm adjustment, from various aspects can see ranking does not depend on the chain. Such as: low weight BBS signature, blog weight is also reduced the phenomenon. What explains that search engine will not be outside the chain as the main factor in the rankings. The chain is not controllable, especially for some simple outside chain, more likely to be deleted or ignored by love Shanghai. Instead, embedded in a high quality soft Wen in the chain life cycle will be very long, and reproduced rate will be very high.

as a webmaster, will focus on the search engine algorithm, because it directly affects their website ranking, frankly, have great influence on their income. Do optimization promotion friends all know, whenever I love Shanghai search engine adjustment algorithm, there will be a large number of Web site rankings have great changes, resulting in a network of popular words " Feng " pumping;. Since we can’t love about Shanghai, we can only adapt to the love of Shanghai search engine optimization, unless you do not love Shanghai search engine. Do not say first what is the search engine, each search engine will change, we can not control, therefore, we must get to know them, follow them, so that we could only survive in the website.


write so much, just want to tell you that the search engine will develop in the future, the emphasis on the website ranking factors and the internal structure of PV, IP, user experience. Many beginners, a website launched non-stop in the chain, to master some uncontrollable factors, so the ranking often is not stable, which is " Feng " pumping said a word. As long as we are concerned about the development of the search engine optimization, will shift the focus of the work to the site and the internal structure of PV, IP, user experience above, I believe your website ranking does not appear abnormal fluctuation phenomenon.

above is my personal view, writing is not good, if you have added where can exchange with me, we learn from each other.

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is the most popular is the user experience, love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience. And a good user experience from the construction site itself and perfect. The website itself any factors are controllable. Ranking factors will be adjusted on site, and the internal structure of PV, IP, user experience. Do website itself is conform to the development trend of search engine. Remember that one person said, if you can not change the trend, then the trend development. This sentence is reasonable. The development trend of Shanghai love search engine we cannot change, only to adapt, otherwise we can not stand.


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