A5 marketing medical website how to do SEO does not fall right

and TKD, the brand also includes: "the hospital news", "hospital bulletin" and "hospital culture", "honor" and so on, it can highlight the "hospital" value.

: don’t cater to the user and create the title

! flow

two: brand keywords supplemented by

users to search for medical information, are fundamental to the question which appears, so a large number of medical websites to post match.

on the above screenshot, so far: how many medical station hasn’t done? And do the site, basically is mortal, but until now there is no aware of the problem. This is more serious, the lighter is: what is the cause of eczema, so a lot of questions are not recommended in the title, appear up in ordinary medical websites, this type of "title" should be normal use are: Q & a platform type of website.

in fact? Most of the sites, even the basic registration is not satisfied, is full page: how much money, how to treat, the best and largest, authoritative, expert…… This series of articles, and even a lot of exaggerated.

we must first think of a question: what is the purpose of patients to the hospital? Is a registered doctor! So what is your site to patients? As a hospital station, this also is the most important! We want to say is: do not have the order reversed.

when you want to get more time, tend to lose more, for the type of medical website optimization, that is, medical site: especially the TKD tag, we suggest that the current route is: brand guide, keywords do auxiliary, even for the "home", is pure "Hospital Name:

three: know the user what to do to meet the needs of the users of

A little

for the inside pages of various channel channel layout TKD never appeared: question types of words, such as "-XXXXXX is the best hospital department of Dermatology" simple is the best. Instead of: how to treat skin disease _ Beijing hospital cure skin diseases -XXXX, this title layout.

may say is vague, but in other words, if there is no love Shanghai, would you do that? This is a question worth pondering. From this perspective, what would you do?

as everyone knows: medical sites under normal circumstances is extremely difficult to obtain a ranking, and the "black hat trick" and can not be a long time. There must be a lot of business executives do not understand: why medical website Shanghai dragon is so difficult to do, love the sea really just to "bid" and intervention, the medical website of Shanghai dragon really dead? With these questions to solve today’s topic: so what factors influence the medical website ranking

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