Around the user and search engine site search writing is not easy to be deleted

3, write in line with the theme of related articles, before the website is varied, with false original tools easy to write numerous articles, and now the search engine to improve the requirements, rely on the previous weight adaptation of the web site are copied, reduced a lot, so we must write in line with their own site theme articles I love Shanghai engine in grasping the content should be able to grab headlines, but this time you are not related with the title, but it also included your article

2, write the


Several methods Now the

that I take is around the search engine itself and the time of use, mainly in the following points:

value, do not know if you noticed this problem before we did not, no matter what kind of love in Shanghai will be included, and after 6.22 and 6.28 after the love Shanghai search engine but will identify the article, before the kind of casual copying article adapted now is simply not included, may I the website weight is still too high, I published articles will be included, but not included how long I deleted, I think this is a great change of love Shanghai algorithm, so my articles are specially invited by a writer in writing, my request is that the article must have the value of reading.

recently I met a strange thing, before the articles included are preserved, and from the beginning of last week my site included after the part of the article was deleted, then I consulted some Shanghai dragon Er, they told me that this may be the cause of the quality is not high enough. I face this kind of situation on site article made several treatment, was deleted in the articles included after the phenomenon disappeared again, it seems that these Shanghai dragon ER analysis was right, the article itself is a problem, here I share my article approach, I hope to help to like me included then delete the webmaster.

4, released the time change, when I used to publish articles are issued in the morning, according to a rule I summed up, I found the evening of 11 points when the search engine is the most active, so I changed before the release of the time, the daily morning time change at 11:30 in the evening, indeed, perhaps the effect is also good, made after half an hour he was grabbed love Shanghai.


is showing a reasonable structure, clear purpose, Ming.

1, changes in the structure, before my article is a written by, then I change this practice, now my article structure are used in multi section, I want to use this method to change the method of grasping the search engine spiders, previously possible in the grab as a piece of code grab, but should be as real content to grab it.

everyone to see I now publish the article screenshot

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