Dove Shanghai dragon Er when you lost time to see

in fact, I do website optimization time from the beginning I do not decoration industry portal, more like decoration first website, and I do most is the enterprise website, why do the enterprise website? Because small business website, and instead it is not so much trouble, those who want to change things changed more than ten minutes. However, for the portal site is not like this, what is involved in the portal it is really too much. Not only should pay attention to the station, but also pay attention to the station, because something has changed the station terminus, also follow the change of some sub station. So we must be careful in time. After the above analysis, we should point out. Do large web time how to choose, how to do keywords ranking.

first time large website optimization, may we pay attention to the all-round development, we have no way to focus on what a small plate ah, or is that a column, we must from the overall situation of the law. Of course, do not deny some mature website optimization personnel, from the start of a program, such as forums or topics in this category, they are the development through which a plate to drive the entire site. That is to say they through some activities this is a plate or speculation and other ways to drive the entire site traffic. For the website optimization personnel more conservative, which is comprehensive to grab web content, web site, web site in the chain chain etc.. This requires a large number of people to complete this arduous and complex task.

then we do website optimization at the beginning time of large, what can we do to do comprehensive. It would need to do before the comprehensive division. If a ratio of decoration industry portal site may have a knowledge decoration, decoration, decoration and many other aspects of information workers. That is a person responsible for a plate of website content. Every day to increase efforts to do a website content of this one. The content of time must be fine, fine to the punctuation of each article can not be wrong. Because we don’t have too much time to find what the original content. I think most of the sites are also from the Internet to the content. Unless those large websites will have their own team of reporters, has its own TV station. But for some small companies can not do the original content, the only thing you can do is do the pseudo original content.

wrote these things, I cannot not know now what level, I don’t know what I do now? Or what is not dry, or every day in the busy busy, but what I do not know. For a website or to several websites. This problem is really not good answer. When I write a time you may not know what I want to say what I mean? What expression? I want to say is: when you find you do website or keywords of competition, how are we going to do. We will not be confused. My answer is yes, then let me tell you why this is the case:


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