Analysis Shanghai dragon really come to a dead end

. Shanghai dragon of search engines and the close relationship between

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prospects for the development of Shanghai dragon, since last year since the love Shanghai algorithm evolving and upgrading, resulting in many large and small sites have been down the right and even some station directly by K, of course, for these is down right or K site must be done in violation of the rules in the process of optimization. As the saying goes, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan, who broke the rules, who will be punished it is reasonable. And for the love of Shanghai in order to maintain their own Chinese in the search industry position of the chiefs, in order to give a pollution-free, green, environmental protection, healthy Internet environment, as Chinese search industry chiefs to make a model is perfectly logical and reasonable. The more important point is that no matter what kind of love in Shanghai made a move, its fundamental purpose is to safeguard their own interests. If we consider the heart will understand, when the user through the search engines love Shanghai failed to retrieve the information they need, or the retrieved information will be retrieved and the theme of nothing, in this case the user heart will say, love Shanghai garbage, no use, no to the information they need, this is what we often say that the user experience is not good, this is for the love of Shanghai suffered heavy losses, long it will lose a lot of users, we are slowly turning in 360, Sogou search, but for the self destruct thing in Shanghai is definitely not the love. Therefore, the search engine is in Yang Zi, Shanghai dragon, it is with the owners are closely linked, is mutual, knowledge content owners to provide value to users for the Internet users, through access to search engine. In this view the search engine user is bridge and value of information provider, and with the development of society, science and technology, in the current "big data" environment for people to faster, more efficient and more accurate to find the information they need is very difficult from the search engine. For example: when you need to query about a celebrity or to a strange city looking for some of the characteristics of local scenic spots and the special snack, you only need to search through a search engine can quickly obtain relevant information. These information providers may be some special local portal site owners, so Yang Zi believes that as long as the Internet presence, Shanghai dragon will be the existence of the search engine, there will be the existence of Shanghai dragon. For many webmaster will think that will end when the Shanghai dragon Yang Zi, but the prospects for the development of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon is full of optimism, the following from the following two to talk about Yang Zi of Shanghai dragon view.

so much talk may be some webmaster friends will ask Yang Zi why are you on the development of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon so optimistic? This question is that Yang Zi Shanghai dragon to understand. In fact, in the above mentioned are slightly related to this topic, Yang Zi in the Shanghai dragon again with talk about my personal view. We are aware of the need to search.


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