Google test integrating email data in the search results

but only the user’s own mail data will be included in the search results. This service will not allow other users’ email data search.


integration test email data in the search results (Tencent technology plan)


, the electronic mail account of the search results are displayed side by side search results in the online side. It is reported that Google executives held in a blog and the report of San Francisco meeting this service. The blog said, "sometimes the best answer about the user problem does not exist in the public network, it may be included in other places, such as e-mail. The user should not have to have their own mini search engine can find these more useful information."

, for example, when a user searches for "Amazon", next to the search results will be displayed on the Amazon website email user Gmail in consumer records. Or, when a user searches for "my flight", Google search results will appear at the top of the user to save the latest flight at Gmail in the confirmation message.

Tencent Francisco (loudly) in Beijing on August 9th news, according to foreign media reports, Google is currently testing a new service, the purpose is to allow users to search for information in the network, can easily search their email data.

The new service is Google

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