Do Taobao it 2 months experience

passenger revenue lag, often hard for a long time can not see the effect, I think many webmaster is in this period to give up. In 2 months, with the station group software update daily more than 20 station, general Google 3 days will be included, but love Shanghai usually takes 1 to 2 weeks was included, and included after a long time not to increase included, has been included in the 1, only when you increase the chain to achieve dozens of the chain, increase the love of Shanghai before slowly.

here is a summary of some experience:

today is to sum up the experience, recently bought a book called: Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon combat password: 60 days to traffic increased by 20 times. The feeling was very good, recommend reading the webmaster, not advertising.

3. when the chain would pick their own good to do it, such as the A5 sign rank, every day in the A5 technician 50 posted on the same. In addition, pay attention to the diversification of the chain, nothing can be more love in Shanghai, alimama signature space, know these places send out a search engine, don’t let you only think in one place to send the chain.

2 months, he purchased the station group software, with a cost of 5 yuan to buy more than 20.Info, with a cost of 60 to buy 5贵族宝贝. Thus embarked on a Taobao customer promotion road.

A big problem is the Taobao

2. second do not stack keywords in the title, not a simple list of keywords, to think of a way to smooth, and it contains the main keyword best. The title must not be too long, a lot of the station is a look at the stack, inside a long string, the more than 10 keywords, then Google will not spare the K away.

In this paper, by please indicate

guest is not good to do, this is the largest of 2 months up to now, have peace of mind, and the heart is not so heavy, if you can provide a valuable experience to our webmaster, it is worth the 2 months of hard work.

1. stations, the main is to find some suggestions to learn words, 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝 search keywords heat, such as input "stationmaster University", then it will match those of the recent rise in the long tail word quickly, generally can pick these words as the site of the primary key, do not pick the heat is too high.

webmaster webmaster university first by a5..


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