360 search beyond love Shanghai really to the webmaster about it good


two: 360 if the search further, how to do

and other search engines to further your understanding is not very thorough, it never mind, we’ll make an example. Many people are now in Shanghai called love how search engines how.

webmaster?It is possible for 360

three: if there is a search engine beyond love Shanghai, do

you know love Shanghai as the current domestic search engine leader, its market share has been more than 70%, although there are Sogou, search, Youdao search engine, but we also share is below 10%. 360 search is a good time, you imagine if any one search engine search, including 360 of the market share of more than 20%, then the search market situation will happen in turn the world upside down. If there is such a situation, so webmaster friends, Shanghai Longfeng workers will not transfer front, will go to study this new host transfer part of their efforts to the search engines? But we have to consider a problem, that is our research on love although in Shanghai spend less time, but for study on the new search engine and spend more time. Not much for such changes in our own work, or we say bitter occupation, you think of

for this problem, everyone is more, but the idea is already 360 more through free anti-virus and security browser has accumulated a lot of users, and the users for profit is not too clear. 360 browser default search brings too many benefits to other search engines, for any one person to do the wedding dress is not cost-effective for free. So we think it is because the interests of the reasons that forced 360 search engines on the line. Moreover, the 360 has not given up the search engine market in Shanghai, love big adjustment opportunity on its own line of products will behoove. Of course, this is not a problem for the core the guardian wants to discuss, so they will not get to the bottom.

360 search since last August 16th launched a search on-line quiz, music, maps, video search, image search and other functions, January 6th low-key on-line Encyclopedia function. This industry is talking about a bullish, with irony, the guardian does not do too much evaluation. I like most of the grassroots webmaster only care about a problem: 360 there is no good for us to search online. Because of this problem and also protect many webmaster friends conducted a series of discussions, the guardian today from 360 why search online? If the 360 search market share further, how do the webmaster? If 360 search or other search beyond the love of Shanghai, the owners really have good days three aspects to discuss briefly next, I hope everyone can publish opinions, to protect criticism. Our goal is simple: the website of sustainable development.

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search engine: 360 line

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