Taobao is the guest team Amoy profit KingWomen entrepreneurs experience entrepreneurship is marathon

guest needs a strong team, this is a way to make their Amoy real development and expansion of the ultimate method, if not the team division of labor, a person is alone, also need to add some guest master exchange group, in constant communication, communication and learning to achieve the transformation and the growth of the individual.

1. stop daydreaming and practice

no one will care how much you treasure your own ideas. In Silicon Valley, anyone with a venture or a network of contacts probably knows 10 people and you have the same idea, and some have already begun to implement it. Chat with people, let people give you advice, and further optimize. The most important thing is to do it. Henry – Ford Henry Ford once said: "no dream of practice, it is tantamount to fantasy."

‘s core skill is finding problems and solving them quickly. In order to effectively solve your problems, it is better to be honest and open to criticism.

join a good team can not only make their own master to learn more, you can know more friends, no matter what line, aggregation contacts are one thing that is very necessary, the webmaster Wangzhuan or Internet entrepreneurs are often not used to interacting with people, love itself out of contact with anyone, no ground for blame personal character, caused by, but the day after tomorrow we have to try to change, to participate in the circle activities, such as Amoy, add some guest master exchange group, make more friends, to participate in the Taobao alliance held activities in the team not only makes the personal benefit, but also gives the team a personal activity, mutual promotion, forming a virtuous circle.

2. clearly defines each role

3. aggressive

6. be honest with yourself,

Beijing on July 23rd news, on the road of entrepreneurship, some experience can not explain in words, only through their own experience to understand personal sorrow and joy. He founded the StreetArtSF Messenger Squzwk and co founded, and a designer, blog, technology lovers, women entrepreneurs Chloë Bregman, the network share 12 of their entrepreneurial experience, in this way encourage friends to enjoy the process of entrepreneurship, and the courage to persevere.

make sure every founder on the team has the ability to work well in different areas. If you are all in the same field, the weakness of the team becomes obvious. You have to find people who want to do their job and trust them.

joins Taobao alliance to make money immediately;  

Experience and experience

4. launches product

8. seeking advice

as soon as possible

perfectionism kills people, and indecision allows you to miss valuable information about markets and products. Quickly launch products, and then slowly adjusted.

if you want to succeed, you must know your strengths and weaknesses clearly. Your strengths and weaknesses may develop in the right direction, or vice – rather. If you know yourself better, you’ll be closer to success.


5. solving problems

don’t be followers, get out of your way. It’s not that you don’t want to learn from other people, but that you have to know where you’re going.

I’ve seen many friends with very interesting ideas and stuck in place because they hit a bottleneck. After a while, other start-ups made similar products and succeeded in obtaining investment. I think the reason for this result is not that their products are better, but that they are more active.

The as soon as possible

7. has vision


team atmosphere can not only let yourself get promotion, let the guest of the road wider and wider, and guest friends between team cooperation and exchange will impact the novelty and the spark of mutual exchanges, often a novel idea will make your income doubled.

suggest that you do make friends Amoy Amoy, add some guest exchange group, to see more than the tutorial directly to ask to learn to master the effect is good, encountered stronger than their Amoy friends, must consult a lot of good team, plus personal execution, believe you will be more Amoy road wider income grow with each passing day.


passenger army team growing, a large number of new Taobao customers continue to join the army, many webmaster reflect Amoy website income as before, some people even said Tao will become the past, no longer here, potatoes want to share real development of the Taobao customer profitability, to provide some suggestions and help in the confusion in the novice amoy.

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Internet entrepreneurship is a difficult and bumpy road to success by personal power is not enough, you may earn some money, but it is difficult to develop, not personal heroism, no help, no one to give guidance, will definitely take many detours, meet a lot of difficulties, and the Tao do particularly. A person groping forward is very difficult, the novice Amoy often a few months without a penny of income, which constantly frustrated many novice hurried out of the Amoy army.

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