Dark horse Green entertainment CPC advertising re launchedWangzhuan colleagues need to pay attention

Dear members of alliance

2, Wangzhuan no persistence and perseverance. Because some companies pay higher, while advertising is not a lot, it is hard to get up at one thirty. Even to pay after the company will take a long time to be paid. This makes the first Wangzhuan friends worried, anxious to lose confidence, scorched by the flames, like ants on a hot pan. At this time the most likely to give up, give up is tantamount to failure, it is tantamount to passing with happiness. Wangzhuan must have psychological basis of calm, as well as, can not give up halfway. When the webmaster Wangzhuan beginning, the first four months of income is only a few cents, felt fresh, really a kind of indescribable bitterness. Then incomes rose in a straight line. But you will never be as miserable as I am, I was no guidance, everything from scratch, do all the Swindlers Company, suffered a lot of damage, and even can not believe that online can not earn money. It’s much better now.


> Union member hello!

          1; find a high paying website to join. Some comrades eager to make money, always want to earn more money. In fact Wangzhuan can not so anxious not to eat hot tofu, More haste, less speed. The reasonable remuneration for each click Wangzhuan $0.001-$0.02, the average reward exceeding this value the company must be a liar, the moon in water, visible or touched.

4, the registration form is filled out. There were some registration forms

more information as in the League: http://s.top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

3, change or delete the line. Some friends always make Wangzhuan have a bad habit to see on-line to delete or change. This is easily judged to be cheating. Do you think the company does not know? In fact, when you click on the registration link, your on-line information has been sent to the company server in the form of web page parameters and archived in the database. At this point you have changed the computer software, you know, you are cheating. The company is not your temporary pipe, you don’t know it. Please. A lot of people will be your title, now know why? In fact, there is absolutely no need to change the line, line is not the slightest impact off their income, but also can help you succeed, you go or not less detours in the higher road, instead of what he mean? If you like I recommend the registered Wangzhuan company, become my line, I will be in counseling, super line, Links priority etc.. The last few hope make friends do not be narrow-minded, that would not give delete on-line on-line royalty, actually you don’t earn money, which is generally on-line commission you earn around 10%, it is not much, say to you for on-line tutorials, provides the opportunity to reward is completely should the. If you delete the line companies still have to allocate a new line to you, but you just do not know, what will have to find he can not find it! It is good than the general on-line on-line, on-line general than do not know good on-line! Don’t advise you to do this kind of harm the loss has happened!

League address: http://s.union.heima8

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