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has been a profitable heart, lack of money because of bile, say the risk and profit is proportional to, I don’t want to watch their money boondoggle. Want to go steady and do a career, but found in this world in vain to pick up the opportunity is really very little. "Strong manufacturing time, the weak wait for opportunities." I have always felt that must do to do a strong, and try every possible way to create every opportunity, can not do a lifetime cock wire. It’s always been my goal to make my son a rich two generation. Of course, it can be said to prove themselves, to better performance of their own, and strive to show different from death.

on a new platform for the rise of the users have a strong demand for consumer content like a sudden vacuum in the world for people, so the same oxygen demand content of entrepreneurs can rarely.

origin: what is the essence of entrepreneurship in this wave?

from the beginning of the public number, I was constantly asked: "why not do investors, diverted to do the content?"

has nearly 20 years of activity in muddle along without any aim, come to think of it, really not what can be proud of their own things. And always live in this world as a consumer. Think about it and feel ashamed, and sometimes there is a special idea. If I suddenly die one day, will there be nothing left in this world other than to leave my parents suffering, and no one else will remember it?. Perhaps, or the existence of the unyielding personality, so that I always do not forget to remind myself, we must go to the fore. If you can’t be a hero, just do a lawrence.


A and jumped into the river in the eyes of investors, the content of entrepreneurship the river ahead what scenery? What is the


made that decision, I looked at the content of entrepreneurship at the same time with the eyes of investors and entrepreneurs. Like thinking about other industries, I wonder why content entrepreneurship can take place. What stage is it now? How will it develop next? What are the factors for success? And so on.

in the summer vacation this year, perhaps idle boring, went to read an economics book. It was also mentioned in the constellation, not only feel sad, after all, I do not believe this. But I still think there is some truth, like suangua, many people think it is a lie, they just said it makes sense. I didn’t take a close look at the previous paragraphs and turned directly to my own capricorn. The book says this kind of person is simple to money principle, regardless of money, no money, all care about money very much. Even love money over everything, if they can say I only care about you, then this "you", this object can only be money. I also admit that I look at the money so much that I feel like a money hungry character. But it is more exaggerated than anything else.


editor’s note: October 23rd, Qu Kai in their own public number "42 chapter" published an article entitled "why I don’t do VC?", the original cloud and venture capital investment managers in the bidding farewell, successfully set off a burst of waves in the capital circle.

in the process, I think and practice, so I have the following questions and my own solution. This was invited to share to you, right when the statements of a school, for reference only.


obsession Qu Kai on the growth curve, in fact, a month ago announced his departure business plan, after several years of venture capital career, he hopes to "extremely elegant and valuable article" gather high-quality people, do a service content of entrepreneurs in venture capital circles.


when new channels emerge, very few people can see trends at the start, and advertisers don’t know how to get involved in new ecological developments. Therefore, the old generation of giants have no incentive to explore new platforms constantly, which brings opportunities to new content entrepreneurs.

the most scarce resources for the early media industry are brands, channels, and advertisers. That is to say, a magazine should live well, have good brands, shop enough lines, and have its own advertisers. While the new media era, although the brand and advertisers have corresponding migration and change, but the actual change is the role of offline channels. WeChat makes everyone sound and can be spread to a huge crowd.

but I think money doesn’t seem to like me. It’s just my wishful thinking. Otherwise, for so many years or so, my dad and I haven’t been rich. But I know, I am not such a person. Later, after many days of thinking, still not willing to work for others later, I was born destined to go their own struggle. Extracting so much surplus value from others makes me feel bad about myself. I’ve been working several times before I’ve lived so long. 12 summer vacation and 13 summer vacation, respectively, went to Shanghai and Shenzhen, a person, do not know where to come so much courage. Of course, in the short span of a few months, I have not thought that this can make a difference, and it is difficult to find a job. During that time, I went out on foot, first, in order to get familiar with these circumstances, and the two was to know what these cities were more than what I was in, so that they could develop so well. Maybe some people think I’m bored, I think the difference is obvious, what development started earlier, convenient transportation, national policy is excellent

actually, my initial intention of writing articles was simple, just to share. Investment itself is leveraged with money, while content is leveraged with words and ideas. If done, the impact and change of content on the world will be more fundamental, thorough and extensive than money.

In addition

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