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The first time

sometimes do not write original posts, it is really not pull! First to some of the friends who just entered the network to mention a striking, that is in today’s April began cheating, say it is almost six months. I am also just beginning to learn to do web site, every day just want to earn more money that webmaster do not want to earn more money, earn money has to rely on cost, rely on technology by flow ah. This is really difficult for a small webmaster.

was engaged in the field of mobile phone. ROM was also high hopes, is two times the development based on the original shlf1314 Android system, get rid of some errors in the native system, and intelligent dialing, caller ID and other Chinese local features, the industry called mobile phone ROM. Since the mobile phone ROM directly controls the underlying resources of the entire handset, it is considered to be the core of mobile Internet portal than mobile App.

third cheating project: Ali mother cheating, the first two cheating failure, said Ali mom advertising alliance advertising good application, and just started cheating, this is already 08 years in June. I put the advertisement and placed on the website for the first GG cheating methods, listening to friends that cheat click rate is not too high, you can cheat successfully, I really try at the time, for a number of advertising, also bought a hefty flow and cheating pioneer and Muzi Alliance – Cheat Software plus other small daily income of a few hundred to one thousand is 1000 yuan / day to give you two Zhang was cheating income picture, above there is my number:

"dim sum" is undergoing a new round of transformation." In September 6th, Huang snacks COO told reporters that the company has changed from the previous ROM mobile phone manufacturers, rapid transformation into a App mobile phone manufacturers, the snack is trying once again to transition into the Web App platform vendors.

cheating project: Asia dating this will think it really is a bit SB, said a woman member registration online for $2, a man registered for $1, then think of it, that day just registered 10 men 5 women also have $20 US dollars for Renminbi that is not more than 140 dollars! then $1 =7 RMB a Xiangqilaijiu heart a chance to make money, without demur directly to the two sites I hung up advertising, then change your own IP registered, the registered members has reached 20 down, the heart can not say happy, the background is a look at the amount of 25 I $on such money, I also registered more tired. 3 days to 75 dollars, and later in the chat to friends, he said this money difficult, and this way is K rate of 100%, I once the heart pain, not reconciled. By the end of the month I check the account, the results were closed, Speechless! it was SB, if it received the money, it is not Chinese 100 million Adsense fortune! Hey! Don’t say

Innovation Office in Shanghai, confirmed to reporters that the company had undergone a round of job cuts at the end of last year, but the team has stabilized recently, Shanghai.

mobile ROM cold

snacks were formally established in August 2010, when people called it "dim sum operating system" or "dim sum OS"". There are reports that the founder Zhang Lei won the dessert Li Kaifu in 10 minutes micro-blog angel investment, and Li Kaifu has announced that he is all snack incubator project in "big brother and sister". In January 2011, dim sum became the first graduation project to be hatched and moved out of the innovation workshop.

innovation works the first incubation "graduation" enterprises — a snack is going through the throes of transformation, the mobile Internet business circles star enterprises began to reduce the size of the company since the end of last year, and accelerate the transformation.

second project: GG cheat cheated with own website for GG advertising, then the application code and hang on the station, originally I site IP was less 100IP a day income of less than $1, my heart! It is so difficult to do stand, also see some GG cheating in this website the heart will also want to cheat, spent 100 yuan to buy 8000IP monthly, and then to the website of a Muzi alliance, every click, at this time the income of $50 in Tianda, the heart is urgent! Less than a week, the account can not log in, then the heart a tight web search to know the account is depressed K dead. this will know GG cheating, small webmaster will die undoubtedly, and also without reason K people this will not hang up GG, money two empty, lost more than 300 yuan

Mark, director of human resources at the

a snack and contacted the well-known foreign VC investors told reporters that the location is the first snack custom ROM software developers, then hope snack choice of partners are the industry’s big manufacturers, such as the three operators.

snack was quite luxurious entrepreneurial team in the domestic mobile Internet entrepreneur, Zhang Lei was a core member of the first sh419 wireless, he previously at HUAWEI micro-blog development management has been focused on the field of telecom services and software. Snack products in president who work in the Tencent is responsible for the wireless 3G products, mobile phone , Qzone, , and mobile phone browser sync assistant download mobile phone software and other related product planning and operation. While the company’s COO Huang was DELL Asia Pacific director of product marketing, after Silicon Valley ASUSTek Computer Inc is responsible for the sales and operations in canada.

in addition, the R & D team of snacks gathered employees from shlf1314, Motorola, NOKIA, HUAWEI, Tencent and Shanda and other well-known international and domestic IT companies.

for this reason, refreshments have been scaled down for some time.

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