The second half of 2010 higher in the wayAfter being abused by 100 start ups he gave CEO 10 PR adv

first, if you are a personal webmaster, I’d like to see the first one. In the future, we can consider full-time Taobao customers. After Taobao, it should be a trend. Future advertising alliances will also be based on turnover. Even in foreign countries, CPS can take the mainstream. Personal webmaster words, or consider Taobao guest more practical, if, like that message friends say do shlf1314 alliance or sh419 alliance, it is not too practical. And now this time, shlf1314 is not the year’s cheating, sh419 is so clear it all too stingy to pull out a hair.

short, Biden think Wangzhuan >

third, if you have human resources, I suggest you go to regular station. This time there is still a lot of people shouting engage dumpster or trash, English stations, but Biden Wangzhuan think this is not just a dumpster era. Regular stations, regular stations still have a big way out. China’s Internet and American "Bibi" is still in its initial stage. As for the theme of the site, Biden Wangzhuan feel is not a problem, as long as they can adhere to a more than a year. I believe grandpa Mao will come here again.

if you don’t know the current marketing environment has been changed from "image era" changes to "orientation mind era", then you very dangerous, it is likely that the majority of advertising and public relations in your budget will make sense.


Hong invited this article, trying to extract the basic confusion of the 10 entrepreneurs. Jia Dayu, author of the Zhengyang public relations service, has served more than 100 technology and Internet Co in the past 5 years.

has been involved in public relations for more than 10 years, and this has seen the influence and status of public relations go up, and PR is now one of the three legs of the start-up company. I really don’t know if it is.

first, the environment of communication has undergone tremendous changes. The era of "channel is king" has come to an end, and the era of "content is king" has officially arrived. Public relations in the content of the diversity of communication and flexible features more suited to this era.

, "if there’s only one dollar left for marketing, I’m going to spend it on PR." two years ago, this article was widely circulated online.

second, if you are a personal webmaster, but also SEO master, then you can look at these second. Consider full-time CPS. There are too many CPS League now. There are many good alliances. For example, Jingdong mall, where customers Union, Dangdang, good music, buy all right. The specific idea is to set up a site, SEO, traffic, and then to attract these traffic through your link shopping. You know, these sites also have a lot of advertising investment in shlf1314 advertising alliance. If you click on your ad, you have only a few dollars, but there are at least dozens of people who buy it through your links. So CPS is much better than clicking.

this view may be surprising to many, and put it in the first. But I agree that this is ignored by most startups, CEO.

The importance of

PR, try to locate


about positioning here, I won’t delay

so, do not say that the company will talk about that moment, I met the startup CEO do some actual confusion in the process of PR, the experience gives us some insight based on personal.

these days is very great, the weather is hot breath. Has been doing the 58 Union also fell, and the money did not settle, it is depressing. But still have to continue to engage in Wangzhuan, day also have to ah.

makes your business different from your competitors has become a pressing problem. So don’t worry about spending money first. Study the location theory, find a good location, set a good direction, and then force it.

is attached to it. In many factors, I think the most important thing is based on two points:

just saw a friend leave a message on my website, say "League" or "shlf1314" or "sh419 alliance". I don’t think so. The two alliances, you have to do unless you have high traffic. Otherwise, you can log in to shlf1314 or sh419 all the time and check your income. The average station hangs GG ads, and 10000IP has $15 – $20 a day. But if you do CPS or CPA, maybe more than that. Think about the way Wangzhuan in the future, the following way, write out for your reference.

PR company called reporter discrimination as speculation cheat, now has become the enterprise just, PR value and position indeed on the rise.

fourth, this is the way I most admire it. Is to engage in e-commerce. In twenty-first Century, at least the first half of twenty-first Century should be the age of e-commerce. Find good products, find good ideas, you can seize the commanding heights. But e-commerce is also the most difficult.

two is the rise of mobile Internet this wave of the tide, the radiation from the original advertising PR added with big company marketing foil position or even with some feeling of luxury PR company, directly to the majority of companies are down to earth and the use of first-line marketing battlefield hero.

now we are in an explosion of content information and environment, every day received information is massive, the brain will selective physiological neglect, it is not difficult to explain why every day you see the contents of a few of the thousands on thousands of, remember.

But from the beginning of 2000

PR for startups is self-evident, but many previous experiences have come from large companies, and few have made practical suggestions for start-ups.

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