Liu Qiangdong predicted last year SF rookie dispute rookie logistics in the blood suckingChen Zhong

in Ma outline the future of the courier industry, pointed out that the short board after the express industry 10 days, SF announced with Alibaba’s rookie network broke up.

in October 2000, the Shanghai stock exchange found Chen Zhongsu, asked him to return to the stock exchange as deputy chief engineer, presided over the exchange of new system design. At that time, Chen Zhongsu is the famous American > has 16 years experience


graduate entrance examination is an example. For most students, postgraduate is a "to chop off a layer of skin drudgery, but in Chen Zhongsu became" very light ": in the academic session, met his interest in the subject, Chen will find expert advice, read" admission ticket "was talked out and even the application form is in the future to accept his mentor to fill in," did not even experienced a rigorous and comprehensive interview".

source: SF group administrative micro-blog

in 1981, leaving just read a semester at the Peking University, the 17 year old Chen Zhongsu with a "foreign country" determination and only $200, embarked on a flight to New York. Soon, Chen Zhongsu came to the fore: undergraduate studies followed the tutor, the university has not yet graduated, has published three academic papers in well-known academic journals and magazines in the United states.

around 14:30 this year, the rookie network on the official micro-blog statement, which is very sudden, is an urgent communication with sf.


, in his career choices, also listened to his inner "adventure" call. In his academic achievements, he taught is as sure as a gun thing, but he chose to Wall Street, the reason is that "teaching in the school is a secure job, will be looked down upon". In Chen Zhongsu’s opinion, only the hard work in order to maximize the individual value in the real thing in the market.

in May 22nd, Shen, Yuantong, China, Tong, Yun’s 4 chairman attended the 2017 global wisdom logistics summit. Although expensive for the giant Chinese celebrated figures, but the 4 are sitting in the audience to listen to their "lecture" is ma.

has benefited from a more open research environment abroad. At the recommendation of his mentor, the 20 year old young man is free to enter various academic conferences and have the opportunity to make academic reports. He has also met many famous experts and scholars. The bachelor degree in mathematics, computer science master read man "used to" logic ", he tried to sum up: the so-called" experts "are just so so, not only did not imagine", even in good out of a bandbox "original", "careless about dressing", the wise man also has many weaknesses."

Ma Yun said, "I tell you, 1 billion parcels a day will not be more than 8 years, and it will probably be done in about six or seven years."." However, Ma mercilessly criticized, at present, he has not seen any company in the country, in the eye, pattern, organization, personnel, technical aspects prepared, to meet the arrival of the era of 1 billion parcels.

in Chen Zhongsu, still can clearly find the "Wall Street" shadow, in order to save time, has long been the company’s boss, he still insists on lunch every day in the company, and never lunch break. As he worked at Wall Street more than 20 years ago, he never stopped from the opening of the stock market. "If there are no traders who have taken over, there is no time to go to the toilet."".

today, Chen Zhongsu has become a great expert in the eyes of others, but he has not inherited these weaknesses. "I am still a risk maker in my bones."". The adventurer often positioned himself as "life seeking" or "working part-time"". In his view, the process of life is the most important, but also most worthy of the risk of young people cherish and enjoy.

but at 6 this afternoon, SF gave another explanation for this event: not SF closed rookie data interface, but Ali platform blocked sf.


rookie said in a statement:

It happened before

, for the protection of consumer privacy, phone information security, according to the security team rookie of the logistics is proposed data in the whole network information security upgrade, strengthen multiple cross validation on the sea Amoy, express logistics data cabinet, but SF and Feng nest for various reasons do not match.

SF suspended data interface, businesses can not determine whether the buyer has received, buyers can not track real-time information of goods. Rookie suggested that during this period, businesses temporarily switch to other express delivery company.

May 31st at 6 in the evening, rookie received the data interface issued by SF pause. In the morning of June 1st, SF closed the data information back from the cabinet. At noon on June 1st, SF further closed the entire Taobao platform logistics information back. This has resulted in confusion among some businesses and consumers, which could cause heavy losses to businesses and consumers. Things happen very suddenly, and we are communicating further with sf.

in addition, according to the Beijing business daily, cover news, sina finance and many other media reports, SF expresses, its abundant nest began to cooperate with rookie in 2016. Content packs >

each other rookie SF

everything will not change because of returning to China. This is the psychological suggestion that Chen Zhongsu gave himself before he returned".

today June 1st morning, SF suddenly announced the closure of the rookie data interface. As of noon, SF has stopped sending back the logistics information to all packages on Taobao platform.

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