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1. Background analysis of the birth of large screen mobile phones.


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industry recognized that there are four major congenital defects in mobile Internet: 1., the screen is too small. 2. the network is too slow. 3. endurance is too short. 4. input inconvenience. With the popularity of 3G networks, WIFI, a variety of input methods, voice input method, the birth of several defects have become smaller and smaller, but the screen and endurance is still the largest mobile Internet short board. The screen is too small defects topped the list, mainly because the mobile phone screen is small, crowded, nowhere to put advertising, and mobile phone screen size will inevitably affect the users feel and use habits and ideas.


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from the current trend, the next five years, the mobile phone terminal screen size will reach 5 inches to 6 inches, the larger screen means more display more content, more content, also means "advertisement" a smaller impact on user experience. The vast majority of webmasters do website, and not just personal interest to do the site, but want to site as their own business to operate. As the vast majority of grassroots webmaster, making money is not the only purpose, but it is its biggest purpose. Figure Wang once said: "doing a website is like doing business, choosing the field of making money, and realizing the money as soon as possible

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generally speaking, a larger screen can lead to better browsing experience. Users began to contradict, and then slowly accustomed to large screen mobile phones, but turned back, but found it difficult to adapt to the small screen phone that had loved. Today, attacks on more than 5 inches of mobile phones, and 4 years ago attacked more than 4 inches of mobile phones, there has been essentially different. In the past, the big screen would be considered a "copycat" patent, easily despised. And now, the big screen has been Samsung "NOTE" series of brands represented by re molding, the number of attacks, attacks reason has changed quietly.

2007, iPhone was born, 3.5 inches screen, causing a sensation at the same time, was jokingly called "MP4". In 2009, when HD2 turned out, 4.3 inch screen was Tucao many people, it is generally believed that 4.3 inch mobile phone screen is too exaggerated. Using the above 4.3 big screen, is often described as idiotic. Some first-time users of the 4.3 inch mobile phone will find the screen very impressive. But look around, others are still 2 inch to 3.5 inch mobile phone, heart will think: "people of the screen is so small, if you use such a big screen, designated by person joke? ", so he chose to give up. 4 years later, the "sheep" effect is also applicable, the difference is that the surrounding mobile phone users are not 2~3 inches, but 3.5 ~ 4.5 inches. Users like the big screen, but the heart will hesitate: "more than 5.5 inches more than other people too much, then buy a 5 inch bar, only a little bigger than others, at least not be laughed at."."

two. Grassroots webmaster in advance to make money ready.

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