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"there’s a spaceship going into endless space, not necessarily coming back. Are you going there?"

Hackermeter is the Y Combinator 2013 winter class graduate, founded only two months, is a micro team. The programmer to prove himself through a series of programming test to some lightweight encryption technology from the Fibonacci sequence generator, every challenge will score the programming efficiency based on your potential employer; a key can be a key to replay your code, so you can clearly see the programmer’s encoding speed and cheating. Of course, employers can also launch programming titles to examine the capabilities they need.

The founders of

‘s startup, Wang changed business with a geek spirit, and he was also changed by business.


for ten years, Wang Xing continues with another "Wang Xing" fusion and spiral growth, and the elements of a "Wang Xing" are those from the business world marketer experience between them is Wang Xingji adhesive, strong learning ability.

Wang Xing has a reality distortion field similar to Jobs, who will reason to convince you when opinions are different. In his mode of thinking, there are only two logical and illogical alternatives, unless someone can convince him.

Wang Xing Fanfou signature is: "if I didn’t see all day, think, or do what is at any meal that thing, that this day would be a muddle along without any aim."

faced the problem, Wang Xing answered without hesitation: "I must go."."

Wang Xing believes that crazy smashing advertising is to help industry peers inspire consumer awareness, every penny of the United States mission to spend wisely, to understand precisely the line between Wang Xing rivals the biggest advantage.

, at the end of the year at the end of 2009, Wang Xing cried.

years ago, when the first time someone asked Wang Xing what is the advantages of entrepreneurship, he Leng for a long time out two words "brave", he interrupted his studies at University of Delaware in the United States in 2003, took the university dormitory bunk brother Wang Huiwen to start a business, not just learning programming. Each time it ended in failure.

Ten years after

Wang Xing didn’t give up. On the one hand, he passed around to find the relationship between trying to restore no meal service; on the other hand, Fanfou team is stepping up efforts to improve the product, but the products made no user feedback, no one knows what will happen tomorrow "fanfou". Until the next year’s meeting, when the huge unknown feeling hit, team members shed tears, Wang Xing also cried, he began to wait for dinner, no, while trying new business.

said its politically naive to any meal, rather than by Wang’s stubborn. Even under the pressure of a team and a career, he always followed his heart. Wang Xing knows his way of doing things is not local, but still reluctant to change. Meals are closed half a dozen

‘s IT based talent recruitment site, Hackermeter, has announced that it has been acquired by Pinterest, the world’s largest photo sharing site, and will shut down its services after the transaction has been completed. Industry insiders concluded that the acquisition was mainly a talent acquisition.

, co-founder of the company Lucas · Beck Lucas Baker and Frost · Li Frost Li will join the Pinterest as an engineer. At present, Pinterest has entered the top 10 most popular social networking sites and Alexa world website top 50.

Wang Xingshai’s account is a thousand group war era public relations — the most beautiful beauty group in the industry on the occasion of the arrival of winter show their healthy cash flow, which is also shown in the book behind the U.S. group muscle, efficient management and comprehensive operation efficiency.

The launch of


Hackermeter has received a lot of criticism, such as the simplicity of the score evaluation criteria only by challenge time, challenge difficulty, and code effectiveness. Also the number of opponents questioned the necessity of the existence of Hackermeter, a similar model already exists in HackerRank, CodeEval and many other companies in the test, and resume GitHub and traditional is a great experience that tool.

, Pinterest, and Hackermeter declined to disclose the terms, but for sure it was a small purchase. The product has just been released for about two months, the team is still small, and in the past, they did not melt too much money. According to AngelList data, Hackermeter tried to raise $750 thousand in investment, but the results were unknown. In addition, Pinterest has planned to close it, industry insiders concluded that the acquisition is mainly a talent acquisition.

in July 8th of that year, has millions of users of rice, no network was suddenly closed. At first, Wang Xing thought it would be better for two days, and he repeatedly asked and found that things were not as simple as he thought.

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