Why do say popcorn is becoming more and more rubbishNovice stationmaster’s windfall earns 2000 yua

contact the industry in time soon, after two months of AdWords, earned a total of a few beautiful hair, first heard in the business income over yuan when the heart is innumerable, pull pull cool cool, a little confidence in yourself is not. As the day to work, so take care of the time of the site in the evening from 8 to 12 points, during the day to work very tired.

      2; popcorn League has just begun to have high transparency; although it is second days display data, but there is time, point out the address, point to address; now there is only a certain amount of advertising ID yesterday.

      3, you can pay attention to popcorn union official website advertised "star site" to see who continues to do popcorn, they these "star site" why no longer do?

I put >

 :     13 this month, I published the article "popcorn union is getting more and more garbage" admin5/article/20071013/58562.shtml, I feel some words are not said thoroughly, and now continue to say. Pay attention to my article title. The wording is that the popcorn League is getting more and more garbage. If you started doing it in 06 years, you will understand what I mean. If it’s made this year, it’s hard to understand what I’m saying.

I saw !

      I say popcorn Union became more and more garbage is based on:
      1, popcorn alliance ad code a serious drag on the website speed, frequent failures of my site is often a lack of pace.

in addition to the Wangzhuan project, the website and teacher lectures and so on, this is what I need the resources. There are more Wangzhuan data, marketing software is also indispensable. In fact, this station is also very carefully, directly put all resources to the transit station, and spent 500 yuan to buy a VIP6 to save the , in order to save you to the forum to find the resources to reply a little tedious, this is my fancy, and they also update the source station as much as resources, Lian Li the human resources network is also updated, this let me in for a surprise.

      5, analysis of official data in September 23, 2007 a popcorn alliance data before 2000DI meet the payment is 33, while the December 24, 2006 week data before 2000DI meet the payment is 341, breaking a finger check, a digit may differ, but the official data is still, if not. You will see, although very boring, but Facts speak louder than words. The following comparison is also based on the data of these two cycles.

a few weeks ago, in the A5 program area saw a top advertising, is said to be 100% money, then heart doubts. Go in after it is hang Wangzhuan, feel disappointed. In fact, I believe we all hang Wangzhuan engaged, once spent 200 yuan to buy a onhook software, the day to earn 2 dollars a month, down 60 yuan, just paid. At the time that annoying, ready to close ". But they suddenly saw 8 sets of onhook software, as well as the new farm projects and so on more than 100 Wangzhuan, immediately move the heart, after all, a onhook software earn 2 yuan, 8 sets of the day in 15 yuan, there are so many tutorials. This month since there are additional four hundred yuan of income to the owners of Alipay, said nothing, hit 30 yuan, immediately to open my VIP, but I told him not to reply to the Forum Download, let him send email to me directly, he put all the resources and package mail to me. actually, I’ve already figured it out.

used the hours of work for a few days, and found that the money making method was really silly. Although you didn’t have to work, you didn’t make much money. I was extremely intelligent, and thought of a trick, ask the stationmaster, can let me several resources inside you reselling it, just a bit of them, people really felt very unhappy, but out of courtesy or say "don’t pack a sale, not to sell the core resources, you can sell the rest of the source and the teacher lectures, marketing software, you received this reply!" my heart is full of joy.

      4, my traffic in 2007 2006 turned several times, click volume has dropped by several percent.

      id404 : 91live in September 23, 2007 income 163.53 yuan; in December 24, 2006 932.67 yuan.
      id622; : vvyy in September 23, 2007; income 267.06; in December 24, 2006 1106.07 yuan.
      f>; id717

the second day is Sunday, with his guidance to do the farm CPA project, the basic is automatic, there are 8 sets of automatic onhook software with it it is said that there were more than 30 sets, then he selected 8 sets, 12 hours, basically did not work, watch movies, play games, earned a total of 19 yuan at that time, very happy. It’s an added bonus,

      6; the following owners in 2006 in 2007 weekly revenue is several times more than half a month.

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