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below, I introduce a "soft and hard" combination of sports training market case. It is also one of the key projects that I am doing, because there is not much to do at present. With the development of the fitness and sports market in our country, the profit prospect of this project should be quite broad.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

of course, we adjust measures to local conditions. In some places, people like to play table tennis. We can make table tennis fitness clubs. Some people play badminton well. We can do it the same way. In the next article, I will focus on the combination of soft and hard patterns

1 in relation to a clearing or idle plant.

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sports and fitness is a long-term service subject, and it is more and more accepted by the public. The traditional fitness club, mainly for sports enthusiasts, and I mentioned in the case of the basketball club, facing the crowd is very bad foundation or basketball fans, the aim is to become a sports fitness tool.

more aggressively

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4 hires a professional basketball coach or fitness instructor to use basketball techniques and fitness equipment.


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3 recruit basketball enthusiasts, bachelor degree or above, or have a certain position and higher income, and the poor basketball base. Usually higher barriers allow people to sign up for

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general fitness club’s investment is relatively large, the purpose is to attract members. But regular exercise is boring. If you can play, exercise and make friends, there will be more people involved. And what I do is a basketball club, the specific process is as follows:

compared to the gym’s large-scale investment, basketball club investment is much smaller, tens of thousands of yuan can start. For members, join the basketball club, exercise in the entertainment, but also make some friends. In gyms, exercise is mostly done alone, as if to accomplish a task. In addition, the basketball Sporting Club Hotel is relatively cheap, once the formation of a stable club, development will be very fast, there will be more people choose basketball club, should be in Chinese, basketball has a broad mass base, but also very easy to carry out. We are thinking about a club’s own slogan: Happy basketball, national fitness.

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has good products and services, but also a first-class operating ability to match. In the early days of establishing a basketball club, it is necessary to advertise extensively to recruit members. And most of the publicity and promotion are to rely on the network to complete, this is the perfect combination of hard and soft.

2 set up several basketball courts and lay a good site, the cost will not be too high.

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