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in 1913, the German Albrecht couple opened a local canteen. The couple on the store to maintain life, and survived the smoke of war. After that, the Albrecht two brothers took over the family business. Germany’s post-war material was scarce, and it became an indispensable food store for the masses.

, because the period listed in Jiayuan roadshow, Gong Haiyan because no English, must rely on the translation to answer investors’ questions, wasting a lot of time. As a result, the two time she started her business, she thought of a website that would rely on online video conferencing for oral communication exercises. Thus, after some preparations, 91 foreign teachers network at the end of 2012 to enable the domain name 91waijiao formally launched. According to Alexa data, the domain name 91waijiao average daily IP month average 105000, average daily PV month average is 210000.


in 1962, the Albrecht brothers was reorganized to the store, and the food supermarket named ALDI, the first two letters the name from the Albrecht and Discount Albrecht, meaning the grounds of the family business of cheap discount stores.

currently operates ALDI in Europe, the United States and Australia, with the exception of more than 3600 chain stores across germany.

old Albrecht, two brothers,


in July this year, Gong Haiyan launched third online education sites, enabling the domain name nahao on-line, "that good network", the main interactive live broadcast. But, on the line less than two months, that is, ladder nets and >

recently, millet founder Lei Jun in the WeChat group forwarded an article entitled "beat WAL-MART", set up shop 10000, and finally to enter china. At first glance, the title of the article has nothing to do with millet, while ray always says, "recommend everyone to look at it.".

German supermarket brand ALDI

in recent years, the economy of Germany and the west is generally depressed, which provides a good atmosphere for ALDI’s success.

Albrecht canteen became the "save shop" in postwar Germany,

renamed Chinese eName.cn September 18th hearing, from the dating website to online education, the road of entrepreneurship is Gong Haiyan Helen of Troy striking one snag after another. The day before, came the massive layoffs of ladder network news, Gong Haiyan subsequently released a circle of friends news, "said decided to focus 91 teachers". Ladder network domain name tizi will follow the domain name nahao follow



in Germany, around about 80000000 of the German population, about 75% of the population, often shopping in ALDI. In 2010, according to the German daily news,


Germany’s favorite supermarket

article tells the story of how a German supermarket named ALDI surpassed WAL-MART. The German supermarket is what position, even Lei Jun for its point like today? You talk about this geek and a beat WAL-MART "small supermarket"


‘s recipe for beating WAL-MART

now, ALDI still belongs to the family of Albrecht Teo and Karl two brothers all, respectively by the operation of ALDI in the North German area and the south area of South North shop shop. Brother Karl once said in a rare appearance: "


Jiayuan May 2011 listed on NASDAQ in the United States, but Gong Haiyan second years will take the initiative to quit Jiayuan CEO position, and began a second venture. This time, Gong Haiyan turned his attention to the online education market.


in October 2003, is still in the Fudan graduate two of Gong Haiyan founded the "dating platform Jiayuan" website, for the purpose of serious marriage, gradually become a leader in the domestic dating platform, and won the Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang, Qian Yongqiang angel investment, gradually growing strong, Gong Haiyan has also been known as "the first network matchmaker". A web enabled "Jiayuan Larry domain jiayuan station, upon inquiry, the website daily IP monthly average was 972000, the average daily PV monthly average 23328000, shlf1314 PR value is 6.

ladder network is K12 basic education stage online teaching platform, founded at the beginning, Gong Haiyan invested most of the team power in this platform. Gong Haiyan said that after the initial establishment of 91 foreign teachers network, they found that the spoken language market audience range is small, and not to test oriented education for the purpose of speaking practice is more narrow. But the K12 education market is far more complex than the spoken language market, and ladder networks are not going well.

: ladder net

It is reported that

however, the venture was extremely difficult. Online education in the field of entrepreneurship is more difficult, Gong Haiyan himself in this area of exploration is not enough. In 91 foreign teachers online line nearly 1 years, Gong Haiyan immediately launched for the primary and secondary education resources sharing platform "ladder network", enable domain name tizi on-line.

people just want to buy the necessities of life at the lowest price. Our mothers taught us that the harder it is for people, the better our days are.

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