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every day, many netizens ask me how to make money through the Internet, but this problem is too big for me. Different people, different abilities, different resources, different ways to make money on the Internet are also different. Here to share some experience, hoping to help some friends less detours, find yourself using the network to make money direction.

3, domain name investment: often see news, certain domain name sold hundreds of thousands, sold millions and so on, so you may also go to invest domain name. The real truth is that it’s harder to earn money by investing in domain names than winning a lottery. Because there are tens of thousands of people in China who invest in the domain name, and those who make the money are the ones who lose money. What’s more, the good domain names of this age are almost gone.

if you have not done, you may feel difficult, in fact, very simple, when you understand, you will find that no technology can also be more big website, as long as you work hard, you can put up with the traffic flow promotion, and make advertising easier. As long as the Internet has experience, after three months, earning thousands of dollars a month is still very easy.

Ding Jian said that with the development of the Internet into the second stage, more and more industries to complete the Internet, language and cultural differences will no longer be a competitive barrier, a new round of competition mainly occurred in the original technology, such as artificial intelligence, big data. "That puts pressure on the Internet Co. Either become an international company, or be replaced by an international company. "

out of order network method, I wasted nearly two years, by the way of making money out of order, not enough money cost. However, the last year, he really slowly began to use the network to make money, and then found that the network is actually very simple to make money. Mainly because of their previous thinking is too complicated, did not go the right way.

." ?

now more and more Chinese start-ups are eyeing the expansion of overseas markets in India, Helsinki and Singapore. Is the innovation magic of Silicon Valley failing?

, the first step, website:

the following ways of making money are hard to make money:

Sweden, an area of about 450 thousand square kilometers, slightly smaller than Heilongjiang Province, the population of about 9 million, equivalent to 1/10 of the population of Henan province. But by population, Sweden is the world’s largest multinational company.

here to share a network of most of the current domestic Adsense money making model.

for a long time, Silicon Valley is considered to be the absolute center of global scientific and technological innovation. English >

Ding Jian believes that information plays an important role in the first stage of Internet development. The language barrier at this stage has become a double-edged sword. "This makes Chinese companies not only protect themselves from outside competition, but also be restricted and unable to participate in international competition.". Because of the dual challenges of language and culture." Ding Jian said that Chinese companies like Lenovo, which have successfully internationalized, are still rare. The internationalization of China Internet Corporation is still in its infancy.

in China, the situation is poles apart. The Chinese market is very large, and many successful entrepreneurs focus on the local market. The next 5-10 years will be the prime time for internationalization, and the Chinese market will not be able to avoid this wave if it is too big. "The Internet has changed every industry and must consider overseas expansion for local Chinese companies." Niklas, for example, has expanded overseas in the past few years, such as BAT and other large Chinese Internet Co.

2, surf to make money: this kind of money, many first mail, point ads, brush search tools, etc., are basically the kind of fraud click form. For a month, an estimated $1 would not have been made. And most of them have to accumulate a certain amount of money when they can receive money. So this way of making money is almost a waste of money.

1, the development of offline: this kind of website pattern similar to pyramid schemes, said on the website is after you become a member, according to their model, after a few months you will become a millionaire, and not what is the difference between these schemes, these are a waste of time.

Tencent technology Liu Yalan reported November 18th

doesn’t know the technology, and it can also be a big website. How do you do that? You can search the Internet for source code downloads, and download web apps. It’s free.

great entrepreneurs don’t have to come from Silicon Valley,

buy domain name, buy space, this need several hundred yuan cost can start, this is very basic, not detailed talk, the following talk about how to quickly make web site:

looking for a bigger market is the driving force of internationalization

sponsored by Tencent CONNECTOR science and technology activities in Beijing recently held meeting place Chaoyang District Tencent. Skype co-founder, founder of Atomico venture capital fund Niklas Zennstrom and Jinsha River venture capital managing director Ding Jian on entrepreneurship internationalization and cross-border investment dialogue.

make money on the web,


this model is super simple, that is: do website, make traffic, earn advertising fees!

, a Swedish Niklas, said that because Sweden had a small territory and a small population, it forced Swedish companies to focus on the international market in the first place. "We found that when Sweden founded Skype domestic market is too small, so the first day it was to seek a bigger market, so we came to Chinese, went to South Korea and Latin America and other countries in the world, and to cooperate with them."

How does These


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