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at the same time, the "Economic Information Daily" reporter survey found that the number of large development space, the public record incubator also appeared "differentiation": "there is no space for popularity" has been closed, and follow the trend of the venture capital also appeared a certain degree of cooling. However, respondents and entrepreneurs believe that this round of callback does not affect the "double" trend, the future parties will continue to build infrastructure innovation and entrepreneurship, "double" will obtain long-term development, to inject new energy for the upgrading of China’s economic transformation.


from the grassroots the rise of "hit in large enterprises landing germination. CASIC building based on "Internet plus intelligent manufacturing industry service platform" space cloud platform ", in the internal cultivation of more than 2000 AVIC Aerospace innovation team; construction of the" love hit off the development of a number of important science and technology achievements 30. The national development and Reform Commission data show that the first half of 2016, the central enterprises to build all kinds of new "double" platform more than 100 at the end of 2015, than the total number of nearly doubled. Through the platform of "double" support platform, carry out open innovation cooperation, large and small enterprises share capital, sharing technology, to effectively enlarge the internal staff and small business innovation and entrepreneurial energy.

, however, the competition between headline numbers and Penguin numbers has escalated, while other platforms have been slow to follow. This is because, like WeChat, micro-blog such platform has been regarded as the required positions of content producers, temporarily to make the cost and increase the competition later. And less than the headline number, enterprise >

from the picture above, the headline number and Penguin number are the most powerful in terms of content producers’ policies, which can be explained by their market position.

currently, client of information currently has a quasi "G2" pattern, and the Tencent news headlines today ahead of other news client, Tencent in the user stock still in the lead, but since 2015 has momentum to catch up from behind the headlines today.

as early as September 2015, the headline number "thousand people million" program, to some extent, can be seen as the content platform "subsidies war" the initiator. This approach has also been rapidly Tencent OMG imitation, in March 2016 launched the "grain in ear plan" has been no big noise, but a number of the intent of the header has completely bared there and then.



platform to support the content of the introduction of initiatives

has an important force in promoting content Investment: major information platforms.


, and today’s content creators, began to combine frequently with vc. According to incomplete statistics, VC content entrepreneurs are:

this scene also did not appear in a few years ago the fame of the micro-blog, like today’s PAPI sauce, logic thinking, car Professor, micro-blog is also active when the very popular genius panda, the vernacular, scattered five mountains and valleys……

today, the scene in China’s history of the Internet has never been staged: content creators, large-scale, combined with capital.


accelerator in Chinese enterprises CEO Luo Bin said in May 2016 the eighth stage of enterprise recruitment, a total of more than 1200 projects and team registration, the final 15 innovative companies are "taking" settled, they all have the core technology innovation capacity and market competitiveness, including cloud computing, big data, virtual reality, enhancement in reality, artificial intelligence, networking, Internet information security and other fields. At the beginning of last December, the screening work space of a new round of venture project started.

In addition to the pure venture capital institutions,

previous content creators, a lot of walking is written, while the best book, writing and excellent Amoy model, to book and open Taobao store as the main development path, self growth, basically no VC power.

this scene does not appear in more than a decade ago, the heyday of the Tianya forum, Tianya was active in a number of "dronish said," like this "elephant Association", "six Leilei" as the content creators, they are Ning Caishen, when the moon "Ming Dynasty those things", ten years of wood see "Water Margin" idle……

surveyed institutions and creating "double" in 2016 to reflect, there are two significant changes, is a public record mechanism level significantly improved, with venture capital, research institutes and three types of public enterprises and incubator space and the most active and vigorous; two is the innovation and entrepreneurship projects more and more professional. Entrepreneurial changes in the business environment, the environment of venture capital, not much affected by the continued access to various resources, support, excellent team tends to hard technology products, rather than a simple model of Internet innovation.


experienced "blowout type" development in 2015, and in 2016, the space continued to develop in depth, from the original grass-roots, Internet type to large and medium-sized enterprises, technical type; from urban to rural areas.

public space to develop in depth

in Beijing, Zhongguancun, Microsoft, China building, the two floor, "Microsoft accelerator", hundreds of square meters of public office space attracted dozens of start-up companies settled. It provides the accelerated services of start-up companies and infrastructure services such as intelligent cloud, in the form of alumni system.


is worth noting!

Abstract: previous content creators, a lot of walking is written, while the best book, writing and fine, then Amoy model, and today’s content creators began to frequent and venture combined.

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