How to create a 20 billion valuation game company in three months

for a long time, the game company has been synonymous with the nouveau riche, is said to be a game company to a main policy of the year-end bonus is a value of tens of millions of houses (case), there are more and more entrepreneurs to join the game field, holding cash do then sell the idea of a the year started.

what is sold a year, after all, or too young, people do 3 months on the valuation of 20 billion, okay


what is the concept of 3 months 20 billion? An average of 200 million a day, 200 million ah, comrades, there are no entrepreneurs can know on the answer, "a day to create 200 million of the valuation, is what kind of life experience?"

, that means you eat pancakes in the morning, go to work by subway, and you can buy a RV directly after work.

, you must think I’m in YY, but the story really happened. One day in June, a news spread in the circle of the game: before COO Searl’s Mobile Games backdoor listing of three new board book Ling new Mobile Games company, and the company name changed to the hero Searl’s mutual entertainment, is an instrument and HVAC instrument manufacturers before, has been silent, no smell.

New three new company successful backdoor

so before Mobile Games COO business news, a sudden burst in the major media of the game.

is particularly worth mentioning is that there is such a word in the hero mutual entertainment news release in the backdoor new board: "hero brokerage, mutual entertainment current valuation has reached 20 billion yuan".

yes, you are right. 20 billion yuan.

bought the instrument factory named Tianjin Dino, founded in March 4, 2015, by holding 100% books ridge. But at the end of May 2015, in Mobile Games announcement, the ridge should book no longer serve as group COO, that is to say, you should book ridge in Mobile Games left after they find VC pulled a sum of money to pull a founder of the new company, then the backdoor landing three new board, then the valuation of 20 billion yuan.

, this is simply inspirational to the bad entrepreneurial story ah. Can we have an interview on how to create a 20 billion valuation game company in three months,


in hand travel and heroes mutual entertainment what is the relationship between


first, let’s take a look at what kind of company is hero entertainment.

said that the hero mutual entertainment, we can not help but mention it and hand travel inextricably linked. May 20th, China hand travel announcement, decided to its subsidiary of Beijing Morning Star Technology Co., Ltd. strategic restructuring. The main contents of the announcement are as follows:

1. to Chengdu Zhuo star held by Beijing’s outstanding Morningstar 51% of the shares transferred to Tianjin outstanding Mobile Technology Co., ltd.. Among them, 20 million yuan will be the capital of Beijing morning star. Chengdu Zhuo star will be "national gunfight"

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