Teach you how to use statistical charts to assist operations

data is to help developers to further understand the product, understand the user’s most intuitive way, but also the most realistic reflection of the APP operating conditions, of course, is essential to push services. But the new problem is that in the face of so many data in the report, the attention which index? How to obtain valuable data? How to analyze data? Tour express push on how to use statistical charts to assist operations for your detailed explanation.

first, focus on user related metrics

user related indicators, is the basis for follow-up operations, and only understand the relevant indicators, in order to have an in-depth understanding of APP. Data indicators include retention, activity, click through rate and so on. The retention rate is a reflection of the fit between the product and the user, and activity is a reflection of the user’s dependence on the product. When the retention rate and activity after the upgrade, developers should pay attention to the details of the behavior indicators, such as click rate, to improve the critical behavior of users click rate will focus on the user’s behavior using the critical path of transformation, effective way to optimize the transformation rate and.



uses statistical graphs to read valuable data

The accuracy of

data is important, especially when APP services are necessary for push services. In order to ensure the efficiency of the push, smart travel push to provide in-depth analysis of statistical reports, allowing developers to grasp valuable data in a timely manner.

The total number of

developers can view all your application in the report interface registration number, number of online data, results were expressed by line graph form, developers can clearly see the number of application and development trend, and can see the comparison of different applications.


The total number of the total number of messages,

can also be successful message in the message report interface view their application in a certain period of time, the results expressed in the form of a histogram, developers can clearly see the comparison of different time message number and success rate.


finally, analyze the data and solve the problem,

data not only look at the numbers, this is no help, but to compare, contrast, and historical data and similar applications, multi comparison and analysis to find out why many changes of data, and then find out the solution. For example, analysis of user usage from the application report can analyze trends, understand user retention rates, analyze the problems of application operations, and then develop corresponding solutions.

statistic chart does not directly help improve your APP application, but it is the effective use of data analysis tools, can reflect the real users, to help developers to understand business continues to deepen, so the statistical charts are essential auxiliary operation.

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