Want Baidu to like the basics you need to know about your station

wants Baidu to like your station? Would you like Baidu to include your website the fastest? Do Baidu website optimization, you should know the basics,

Baidu, I’m sure everyone is familiar with it. Unless someone who has just learned how to surf the internet.

why do we love Baidu


1. Chinese largest search engine, large, small and medium-sized site of the main traffic source, Baidu = flow, traffic = money.

2., Baidu relatively concerned about new sites (relative Google).

yes, these two points are enough. For personal Adsense, the most concerned about is Baidu. Therefore, the necessary optimization is very important.

so what should we pay attention to?.

1. site domain name, domain name contains keywords, is very advantage. For example, www.gg-ad.cn, you search GGAD and GG class keywords to see, must be near. Of course, the premise is that the domain name of these keywords and your web site content is consistent.

2.URL name, ibid., the address has keywords, there is also a little advantage.

3.title keyword, this everyone knows, is the most important. Title How to write, here is also very particular, here is not to say that many people know, know basic enough, get those occupation SEO man, we don’t need to drill, sometimes too deep will backfire.

4. page keywords, that we all know, we should pay attention to what? The density is not too high, not high hung up, will be down the right; the head of the page keyword search engine is more important, on the left of the page easier to notice, the bottom of the page is behind the head, of course, in this paper, especially the front.

Normal update frequency for


6. high quality external links, such as PR high, high visibility, large flow of Web links value is better, the effect of vertical pole see.

7. novel content, at least not repeat too high content, this can go to see in the Google included pages are not supplementary material.

It’s enough for

to do so, the most important of which is external links and content, and these two points apply to all search engines. These two points are also the most important to the user, the chain is more, and naturally there will be more people find your website, content often updated, natural users will often come to your website.

Of course,

other details of a lot of things, but you need to know what these details you have to spend a lot of time and effort, but the effect is not obvious, as well as the time and effort important place. Even if it was hung up by Baidu, it was still alive and well.

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