Nine ways to retain web visitors

said the last method of website promotion, the first time to write the article will say is not clear enough, this time to talk about how to keep visitors, I think this should be a lot of people have concluded, I also summarized under the small.

1, there are original content in the website, if a website is all copy of others, to your station is to see and other stations are the same content, that other people have no interest, again second times.

2, it is best to get an interactive function, such as a message board, or a user center, you can publish their own articles like this.

3, can be used to subscribe to E-MAIL function, if you can’t do it yourself can download a message on the Internet, change their way, others can use this function to leave his mailbox and he wants to see the contents of your website, when these contents are updated when you can update content he left E-MAIL, will let him return, I have to do, but feel that too much trouble to give up, I think this effect is good.

4, the site must be faster to open, and if your site is faster than other types of stations you open, then others will be willing to go to your station for a long time.

5, not too much advertising, too much advertising will make visitors objectionable. When you’re putting your ad code in it, think about it from the visitor’s point of view.

6, the content of the website should be outstanding, otherwise, visitors don’t know what your website wants to say.

7, there must be a place to search, so that visitors can find what he wants in time.

8, insist on updating, who likes regular updates of the site, so that the search engine is also good. My site was greatly updated by Baidu today, I’m glad.

9, summed up, that is, for the sake of visitors, do stand, while standing in the visitor’s point of view of their own web site.

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editor commented: how to retain visitors site, it is worth thinking about! Mostly for the sake of visitors, do stand at the same time standing in the visitor’s point of view of their website.

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